I feel like I need to explain my navigation page a little bit. Here’s a picture. 

Some links that you may find under 

Self help

self help page

reasons to stay

why eating disorders suck

cope with flashbacks


distraction page

film page

positive thoughts tag

Mental Health info

fact sheets

mental health tips

gen. info on mental illness


when to get help

types of mental health professionals

learn self-love

eating tips

disciplining your child

Those are just a few of my pages and tags. Of course, there will be more pages added in time :) <3



PAGE 001: ALL ABOUT YOU, by evansyhelp

version one (character biography page), preview / code
version two (about me page), preview / code


  • 2 images, 7 stats/facts, 2 text tabs, 1 links tab (15 links)
  • scrollbar appears if text overflows
  • code labelled for easy editing
  • side image: 150px by 435px
  • icon: 150px by 150px

terms of use

  • edit as much as you like, but don’t remove the credit, don’t redistribute, don’t use as a base, & don’t claim as your own
  • please like and/or reblog if you’re using
  • message me if you have any questions

Tag List (2) : static/code


This is my second tag list page. It includes the following features:

  • Header w/ dynamic title and description
  • Six categories for tags (Edit: you now have the option of having 6-9 category tag boxes)
  • One image banner for each category (228px x 90px)
  • Nine links for each category
  • A “read more” description for each tag category
  • Search bar on hover
  • Optional music player


  • Tag Box #1: x
  • Tag Box #2: x
  • Tag Box #3: x
  • Tag Box #4: x
  • Tag Box #5: x
  • Tag Box #6: x

Heads Up:

  • I recommend you set up a side blog and customize everything there before transferring it to a custom page on your blog.
  • I made sure to outline every little detail in the code so that even the most inexperienced theme-user will not get lost
  • Here are some music players you may use: x
  • Any issues with the music player, go here: x x x
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