Day 27:
“You fit into the crook on my neck
Like a puzzle piece that just found
A new set of open arms to call home.
Sleep, baby.
And let’s pretend that tonight
Won’t end as long as your skin
Holds onto mine like a secret.”
#poetry #poemaday #pagepoetry #spokenword

Day 16: “There are moments when you realize that love doesn’t always have to be a feeling that grows in your chest. Nor the buzzing cave of fireflies in your stomach. Forget the thoughts that seek the solitude of doubt and remind yourself. Sometimes, love is the realization that your heart isn’t feeling a world’s worth of right, but that your heart is in someone else’s hands.” #poetry #poemaday #pagepoetry #spokenword

Day 15: “Sometimes, the hardest fight to win is the one where you shouldn’t. There is something that taunts impossibility with winning while not fighting. Maybe it’s too easy that way. Maybe we just can’t be that calm when we just care so much.” #poetry #poemaday #spokenword #pagepoetry

Day 42:
“There is something beautiful about
Waking up with you in unfamiliar covers.
Hotels have built a habit of feeling
Like its only us here.
It is only us.
It is only our hands locking like long limbs
Searching for a partner to waltz with.
Fingers fumbling for each other
In the dark pretending to be blind
Just so we could prove that
You don’t need to see to find a home
That fits the way one is supposed to.”
#poetry #poemaday #pagepoetry #spokenword #kingedwardhotel

Day 32:
“The morning I can peel my eyelids open
To a portrait of you lying next to me
Are the days when it feels like
Waking up is a gift
I’ve been waiting to unwrap.
Like that moment is the only reason
I fell asleep to begin with.”
#poetry #poemaday #pagepoetry #spokenword

Day 78:
“It’s funny how packing your bags
Makes everything around you more real
Right as you prepare to leave it.
Although temporary it might be,
Sometimes there is a home waiting for us
In the farthest places.
The same way that warriors train a lifetime
For a war they will never fight
In their own homes.
Sometimes, we are meant to leave
More than we are taught to stay.”
#poetry #poemaday #pagepoetry #spokenword #day78

Day 73:
“They say I’m a poet. There are days when I am inclined to agree with them. But there are days when I have no embrace ready to pretend my tongue is a home. There are days when I cannot chisel art out of granite. I am left with a tongue, just as sharp but pointed in all the wrong directions. I am not lost for words. My words have just lost their way from my heart to my lips.
I have not run out of beautiful words to speak, my heart and my mind just find a way to say it differently.”
#poetry #poemaday #pagepoetry #spokenword #day73