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Is Toei seriously STILL doing that 12-pages-an-episode crap they have done the whole arc?

No, they’re doing it at 1 chapter per episode, which is what they’ve been doing basically since the end of Enies Lobby. They only animated 12 pages a chapter for several episodes this arc. Still, 1 chapter per episode is pretty abysmal pacing. The anime used to cover 1.5 chapters an episode—that was an average of 27 pages per episode. Now it’s just 18 pages an episode, occasionally dipping down to 12 pages an episode.

Here’s the actual breakdown:

The Alabasta arc in the manga was 63 chapters, and 39 episodes long. That’s 1.6 chapters an episode.

Skypiea was 66 chapters, and 43 episodes long. That’s 1.5 chapters per episode.

Water 7 was 53 chapters long with 35 episodes—again, 1.5 chapters per episode.

Then things started going downhill at Enies Lobby, and have been consistently poor in their pacing since then. Now the anime does only 1 episode for every chapter on average.

Thriller Bark? 48 chapters and 45 episodes.

Impel Down? 25 chapters and 27 episodes.

Marineford? 31 chapters and 33 episodes.

Fishman Island? 51 chapters and 51 episodes.

Punk Hazard? 46 chapters and 46 episodes.

People who think the One Piece anime is poorly paced are right. And to make matters worse, the anime adds in filler content to the middle of its episodes in order to drag them out. When there are distinct filler arcs, they are easy to identify and easy to skip. But with in-episode filler, it complicates the whole thing and lessens people’s enjoyment of otherwise canon episodes. (Please people, read the manga.)

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