I was originally intending to post this a few days ago, but then I got busy and a lots of things happened. Anyway, here’s a random finished page from reboot. to prove that I’m actually making some progress.

I’m currently trying to rewrite a few things to get rid of unnecessary cliches and such. But I’m getting there!

Tag List (2) : static/code


This is my second tag list page. It includes the following features:

  • Header w/ dynamic title and description
  • Six categories for tags (Edit: you now have the option of having 6-9 category tag boxes)
  • One image banner for each category (228px x 90px)
  • Nine links for each category
  • A “read more” description for each tag category
  • Search bar on hover
  • Optional music player


  • Tag Box #1: x
  • Tag Box #2: x
  • Tag Box #3: x
  • Tag Box #4: x
  • Tag Box #5: x
  • Tag Box #6: x

Heads Up:

  • I recommend you set up a side blog and customize everything there before transferring it to a custom page on your blog.
  • I made sure to outline every little detail in the code so that even the most inexperienced theme-user will not get lost
  • Here are some music players you may use: x
  • Any issues with the music player, go here: x x x
  • If you’re using this page, I’d appreciate if you’d reblog this 

So, here’s the thing that I was working on…
(With my schedule, this took like a week to finish)

It was just a little idea I had for Zombie coming to Victubia. And when she arrives, she has an impulse to graffiti a lot of things, one of them being the Late Night Bar. She occasionally uses her metal magic to hold her spray cans (so she doesn’t get her fingerprints on it), which helps her stay hidden. This is the first time anyone’s seen her in Victubia, but certainly not the last.