I did something stupid. I made a deal with a Brony friend of mine before I watched My Little Pony.
He said before school starts I have to watch the entirety of MLP and if it was better than the stupid talk show we had been talking about I ha to read at least two fanfictions, and wear a shirt with something MLP related in public for a day.
Well here I am all caught up and two fanfictions later wearing a Vinyl Scratch shirt at McDonald’s on my way to drama practice.

d4vincii said:

Norse pegism sounds soo cool and everything but some northen gods like Freia (I think is the godess of harvest and such) is not so much needed in a modern life. Okay here is the questions Did you convert or were you born as a norse pagasist? Do you take it very seriously and are you very religious? How do people react when you say you're an asgard beliver? (Excuse my english as mentioned I'm swedish and just 13 years old). If you have any questions about anything I'll be happy to answer

Freyja is not the goddess of the harvest. Sif is the goddess of the harvest. Freyja is the goddess of love, beauty and a warrior. The gods all very much as still called upon, all of them by modern people. While yes, most people don’t have need for a ‘Harvest’ goddess as we aren’t as reliant upon bountiful harvests, we can still ask for the gods’ favour for help with small things like our gardens. I recommend not saying to people that their gods are not needed. It is important to keep old traditions and folk beliefs alive, as once they are gone, they are gone forever.

I converted at the age of 15. I do take it very seriously, and I am very religious. The gods have helped me through a large number of hard times in my life, and have actually saved my life. Most of the time, people are surprised when I tell them I worship the Norse Gods, but they move on. Humans are diverse in their nature and beliefs, and those that are judgmental towards others have no time in my life, and I have no patience for them.