Three of Swords. The Empress. Nine of Wands.

Rejoice, for a time of transition is upon you, and the rule of three is within your favor. Simply walk the path of true faith. Pay attention to the signs. Listen to the world around you, but be guided by your heart. Do this and know that your hardships will turn to comfort. Unrest will become tranquility. Where you were once bound by sorrow, you now will be liberated by strength.

Litha Sabbat Box Packing List!

Shipping on June 5th for Midsummer/Litha, subscribers will receive a box of early summer spellcraft for celebrating the year’s most abundant light and life. (Subscribe here!) Contains:

  • A bottle of Litha incense and self-igniting charcoal for your summertime cauldron.
  • Litha spells and rituals that draw from the strength and purity of the sunlight on the longest day of the year. Includes a midsummer high noon ritual and powerful curse-breaking spell.
  • Gold ritual candle.
  • Faux sunflowers for your altar.
  • Midsummer moon glow-in-the-dark necklace.
  • California pure raw honeycomb to anoint candles used in your summer magick.
  • Sun catcher with crystals and prisms to bend light and create rainbows in your space.
  • PLUS a few more items that will remain a surprise until you open your box!

lynthehuman asked:

I recently had a very unpleasant person come into my room, which is like my personal space and ever since then i didnt feel at home anymore, do you maybe know how to cleanse it of said person's negative energy so i can feel safe in my room again?

I Feel Negative Energies, How do I Get Rid of Them?

Deep-Cleaning the Energies of Your Space

These two should offer some help to you, friend. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any thoughts on the definition of kitchen witchcraft? I've read a few places that the term can include non-food related craft, things like diy crafting and handmade wearables. Do you agree with that or would say that's more hedge witch?

In my opinion, the best definition of kitchen witchraft is:
“An incorporation of spiritual and/or religious practices into everyday kitchen and household chores.”

This is how I see it. Kitchen Witchcraft is about our personal space, and about laying spiritual claim to it in a way that is practical, self-sufficient, satisfying and beneficial to us. I think this absolutely must include non-food-related craft, especially house cleaning, but also things like gardening, DIY and all other means of “homesteading” or self-sufficiency.

Worshiping the Whole

One of the great things about Kemeticism is that our gods are kinda squishy. This allows us a lot of wiggle room when it comes to deity interpretation as well as deity worship. Because of the nature of our gods, as well as the religious structures set up in antiquity, we are capable of working with a single NTR, multiple NTRW (whether while separate or merged into one) or all of the NTRW all at…

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Bind Rune for Insight for Difficult Decisions

Principal Rune:

Eihwaz - This rune is associated with Yggdrasil, the spine, and the yew bow.  It is a rune of great potential energy and action.  If Eihwaz were to come up in a rune casting considering a choice (such as, “Should I take this job offer?”), it often indicates, “go for it!.” Odin hung himself from Yggdrasil for nine days and nights to gain the knowledge of the runes.  This rune can help bring insight to you if you are willing to give what is necessary. 

Supporting Runes: 

Raidho - The rune of the wagon, of travel.  It is also the rune of your will manifest- as you move forward through the universe, make sure you are the rider, not the horse being ridden. When combined with kenaz, it can help you realize your true will (through kenaz) and then act accordingly (raidho).

Kenaz - The rune of controlled fire.  Like a torch illuminating the darkness, kenaz will light the hidden parts of your mind, allowing you to understand your true desires.

Wunjo -The rune of joy or perfection.  Wunjo represents striving for perfection, even though you know you shall never reach it.  During a difficult choice, one can reflect on wunjo and try to discern which option will bring about the best possible version of oneself. If you always keep this in mind and conduct yourself in such a manner, you will achieve true joy.

Goddess of the Day: May 4

Freya - Norse Goddess of Love and War.  Freya is the maiden mistress, and described as the most beautiful of all Goddesses. No male - mortal or God - can resist Her. She is invoked for happiness in love and familial relations, as well as sex and sensuality issues. As the Queen of the Valkyries, She gathers the souls of the dead and slain warriors and escorts them to the afterlife.  Freya is the mistress of cats, and is thought to have inspired all poetry.  Her sacred day is Friday, and Her number thirteen.

(text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide. Art by UnripeHamaDryad)