Path Of Seven

The Seven Sights / Perseptenary Path

This path incorporates that of Celtic roots and traditions, as well as modern traditions. We celebrate seven major sabbats by the Celtic year, seven sacred trees, seven perceivable realms/sights, & seven great Fae. We work with the earth, planets and the stars. & as for magical practices:  Folk magic, traditional witchcraft, Faeid, & hedge witchery are the foundation for this path, while it’s structure is footed in wicca, with the emphasis on the natural order of the world, the seasons, the moon phases, the elements, & the emphasis on the masculine and feminine energies. 

The Seven

As a part of my Autumnal duties I am doing a lot of cleaning, and purging of old belongings. Two decades of witchcraft, and five years in the same residence leads to boatloads of random occult paraphernalia and other such accoutrements.

However, it’s quite easy for me to be distracted while doing such tasks, as each object evokes memories of a period in my life

Then I stumble across this. My first “Book of Shadows”. Penned by a twelve year old little Matthew. Filled with the most saccharine of bookstore bought ‘Wicca’ and musings about the planets, the gods, and various herbs. Bear in mind this was roughly 22 years ago, and we all start somewhere.

It’s amazes me, how different I’ve become, yet what bits remain the same. But to see how much I’ve grown, how much I’ve learned, how much I’ve changed. How my practice and my voice is confidently claimed as my own.

Though, I suppose that is what such tomes are charged with isn’t it? Records of spells once woven, words once spoken, and of children who would sing to the spirits.


Pagan Prayer Beads:

Pagan Prayer Beads are kind of like a rosary only different in that you don’t have to say a certain set of prayers. There are SO many different ways you can use Pagan beads.

  • Meditation aids
  • Prayers to your God or Goddess
  • Spells
  • Chant aids

I like to use them to help me count spell chants and as prayer aids to my personal Goddesses.

While Rosaries have a set number of beads and spaces in between the beads, Pagan beads can have whatever you personally like. They can have any set of numbers you like, any length and be made of any material. Generally though, prayer beads have the main beads you pray on and then ‘spacer beads’ to space the prayer beads apart. This is helpful to have because if you are meditating or chanting with your eyes closed, it will help you feel where you are in the chain. I like to use beads of different sizes for this reason.

In the beads pictured above I have the small ‘spacer’ beads and then three ‘prayer’ beads. The large amethyst beads in the middle is my intent where the smaller beads around them are more ’ please ear my prayer’ and ‘thank you for tuning in’ beads.

I have nine sets of three prayer beads. I chose this because Nine and three are very magical numbers and it works well for me. You can use whatever combination of beads that you like, however. Thirteen sets of five, five sets of twelve. Seven sets of four. Whatever floats your boat

The above pictured beads are the ones I made for Juno ( The main Goddess I worship) The bottom charm is a brass piece I found of Hera. ( the Greek version of Juno) She has a gorgeous Romanesque profile and of course peacock feathers. The Peacock is her Sacred animal.

the ‘spacer’ beads I used were leftover gold ones from my wedding and they looked nice with the brass and purple. I also used Amethyst and pretty purple glass beads. Amethyst is one of Juno’s sacred stones.

You can use whatever materials you see fit. I have another set of beads that are made of Moonstone, Celestite, Labradorite and pearl. These are my Moon Worship beads. Really the sky is the limit.

Here is a basic bead make up to get you started.

Have fun with this!! I hope to see your creations

OOH!! And don’t forget to cleanse your beads before working with them. I clean and charge my beads every full moon!!

The Seven Sights / Perseptenary Path

This path incorporates that of Celtic roots and traditions, as well as modern traditions. We celebrate seven major sabbats by the Celtic year, seven sacred trees, seven perceivable realms/sights, & seven great Fae. We work with the earth, planets and the stars. & as for magical practices:  Folk magic, traditional witchcraft, Faeid, & hedge witchery are the foundation for this path, while it’s structure is footed in wicca, with the emphasis on the natural order of the world, the seasons, the moon phases, the elements, & the emphasis on the masculine and feminine energies. 

The Seven Sights

First Sight  
The first sight is the natural & physical  sight we’re usually born with.

Second Sight
The second sight is the signature sight, it’s the ability to pick up on small signatures or footprints of the metaphysical world. ( ghosts or shadow sightings would be placed here )

Third Sight
The extra visionary sight, this is the ability to clearly visualize, and revisualize. 

Fourth sight
The Astral sight, the ability to the perceive things in the astral realm. ( astral traveling and lucid dreaming would be placed here )

Fifth sight
The second sight, this is where common spirits and entities wander, and if they so allow can be perceive.

Sixth Sight
The third sight, this is the ability to see entities and spirits who don’t wish to be seen, or are more hidden from our perception. ( spirits, faeries, and other such entities )

Seventh Sight
This is the all sight, this is the ability to not only perceive the unseen, but to also visualize them. Not all entities have a physical appearance, the ability to put a face to them or to visualize them in a way they condone, or is as accurate as possible. Perceiving aura’s and energies are also in the category. 

General Beliefs

The path of seven is built upon the understanding that there are realms or dimensions in which coexist along side ours, which are not limited to just our planet, but the universe as a whole. And that  everything and everyone is stardust, that is, we’re all made of the same elements and stuff that makes up our universe. 

We believe in celebrating of the natural cycles of our planet, and cherishing nature and the spirits who abide there. 

The first people

The first people are referring to the entities ( Faerie, Elves, Huldrefolk, Spirits, Deities, Star beings, & other bodies of myth ). Whom roamed and shaped the earth, And who enlightened, inspired, & terrorized man kind. They came to fade out of mans physical existence, and resulted to myth, dimensions away. Like the lore of the first people of Ireland, Fairies ( Aos Si ) withdrew to the Fairy mounds, returning to the earth. These beings who we believe can still be experienced and contacted, and the ones who have come in our time. ( spirits/ghosts ). 

Secular Belief System
Although the presence of Deities, Spirits, Faeries, & other Entities is strongly woven into our path, We see them as on either side of fact and fiction. Think of them as metaphysical embodiment of energy, Ideas & cosmos, in which can manifest, or perhaps is lingering in a separate realm. 

Moral Compas

We have a strong belief in the right to choose what is right, and wrong, given you mind the consequences of you’re actions. Harm come & come consequence. Which essentially means,  If you intend harm ( such as cursing, or negative actions ) you must accept the consequences, and weigh the price of your actions, does the good out weigh the bad? and are you willing to take the flack for something? its up to you to know whats good and bad given the circumstances.  

There’s a beautiful Gemstone booth at the local mall and everything was super cheap. Didn’t have any money to drop but this pink geode with gold flecks captivated me. Definitely heading there when I’ve got some cash flow! 😻💎🔮✨ #mine #hdr #nofilter #gemstone #geode #naturalgeode #wicca #wiccan #pagan #paganisim #greenwitch #witchcraft #healing #spirituality #sosparkley

On nature and such

So, being pagan, I usually go into the local wildlife preserve to pray and such, especially when something big has happened. I went there when my mom took a turn for the worse a.month or so ago, and again today, when I got a new job at my dream company.(thank the Gods)

The reason I am talking about this is because unlike most religions, I don’t exactly have a place to ‘go.’

And so, I am thinking of maybe erecting a small outdoor altar at this public wildlife reserve. I even found an area for it. So, what to you think? I’d like some opinions, and maybe suggestions on what it could be like.

I want it to be out of the way, so people won’t just stumble onto it, but I also want it to be recognizably a pagan altar. The area I chose is near a new bridge they’re building that goes into a second part of the trail. It overlooks the river, and would be at the base of a tree. So.


The Seven : Lady Star

Lady Star

Queen of the Night Court.

Physical Description (Image Pending)
Lady star is seen wearing a cloak or dress (similar to a bog dress) of stars, mantled with feathers, a crown of seven stars, & a chord belt often adorned with  bells. She has long flowing white hair & holds a spindle or lucet in one hand, with silver or white string, & a book, skull, or incense lantern.


Colours: White, Silver, Blue.
Planet/Star/Constilation: Polaris Constilation, Pleiades.
Element: Air
Moon Phase: Waning Crecent.
Time Of Day: Twilight.
Stones: Blue calcite, Meteorite, Blue Goldstone, White Fluorite. 
Herbs/Flowers: Lavender, Star Anise, Dandilion, Elderflower, Trientalis.
Tree: Elder
Objects & Tools: Feathers, Bells & Chimes, Chords, Skulls, Quills, Incense, Lucet, Spindle, Wand. 
Season: Fall.
Animal(s): Blackbird, Swan, Spider, Bear, Bat. 
Tarot card(s): The Fool, The Star, Ace of Wands.
Traits: Knowledge, Growth, Freedom, Creativity, Rebirth, Maturity. 
Knowledge: Divination, Arts & Muses, Smoke, Knot, Chord, & Paper Magic, Imagination. 
Godesses Associated: Astrea, Arianrhod, Nyx, Nut, Artemis, Noxx, Tianquiztli, Citlalmina, Hera.

 Within each day, within each hour we have the time to do our religious/spiritual lessons. There is no excuse for not taking time to always learn and grow. Even the most powerful Ceremonial Witches can simply sit down, light a candle and spend 15 minuets talking with their spiritual teachers/guides/Gods/Guardians.  -rtf

 This is something I am having to learn and do now… Each day, each lesson..

The Seven : The Night King

The Night King

King of the Night Court.

Physical Description (Image Pending)
The Night King is seen wearing a cloak of stars trimmed with gold, & a Fir branch crown or belt. The moon frames his head. in one hand he holds a chalice, the other a snake,


Colours: Black, Gold, Purple, Blue.
Planet/Star/Constilation: Moon, hydra constellation.
Element: Water.
Moon Phase: Full Moon
Time Of Day: Night
Stones: Opalite, Moonstone, Amethyst, Obsidian, Hematite.
Herbs/Flowers: Eucalyptus, Moonwort, Mugwort, Lavender, Ipomoea, Casablanca Lily, Aconite,
Tree: Fir
Objects & Tools: Cups, Chalice ,Bowls, Blade, Fangs, Teeth, Keys, Mirrors, Shells, Divination tools.
Season: Winter.
Animal(s): Snake, Fish, Moth, Wolf.
Tarot card(s): The Moon, King of Cups. Death, 
Traits: Compassion, Balance, Imagination, Grief, Change. 
Knowledge: Dreams, Divination, Moon, Emotion & Love Magic.
Gods Associated: Morpheus, Elatha, Máni, Thoth, Hades, Erebus, Cichol, Donn, Anubis, Poseidon, Lir.

Happy Samhain to my fellow Witches, and Happy Halloween to the rest of you! Don’t be a HalloWEENIE: Don’t drink and drive. Be responsible with your intake and your decisions. You CAN have fun without going overboard. Be smart, and be safe. Enjoy your candy and your costumes!
To the Wiccan and Pagan communities: I’m curious to know what your plans are for this Samhain! Any special spells, alters, offerings, or divination tricks your willing to share? I’m curious to know how you celebrate the thinning of the veils!
Please remember to use spirit boards and other contact tools responsibly, and please do your research so as not to bring harm to yourself or invite malevolent creatures into your home, life, body, or soul.
With that all being said, I sincerely hope you all enjoy this most magical night to the fullest. Feel the air around you and know that you are powerful today of all days, Witch or not.
Blessed be, everyone!
Friendly reminder to keep your fur babies inside tonight especially 😸💕
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My hello from Brighid

So, I just got a big how-do-ya-do for Brighid. I was in the Post Exchange looking for a new book to exclusively write poetry in and I saw the lovely little green notebook with beautiful, raised, knotwork all over it. I had seen it before and considered buying it but had refrained as I was trying to be good (I have way to many notebooks as it is). This time though, that idea popped into my head that I could use it for devotionals but that didn’t make too much sense because I only *just* started working with Isis and a Celtic styled notebook doesn’t really fit her. However I felt a very strong draw to the book and the idea of poetic devotionals wouldn’t get out of my head, so I ended up buying it.

On the way home I kept thinking about a Celtic deity of poetry but I couldn’t think of the name. When I got home I looked it up and the second I saw Brighid’s name it was like *click* that’s who’s talking to me. It makes sense that she would try to contact me as I’ve always been a very big fire person (raised with a potbellied stove for central heating, Leo, lots and lots of being the fire tender while camping, center on fire in all of my witchcraft),  I have been a poet for about 13 years now and I always end up being everyone’s little doctor lady. That and I have just started reaching out to the gods to try and find some that I would like to work with.

So can anyone tell me a bit about what I might be in for as I begin trying to work with her?