I was in the BWCA Pagami Creek Fire on 9/12/11—the day that it spread an unprecedented 16 miles, due to extreme winds and unusually dry conditions.

These are just a couple of the pictures I snapped before the fire caught up to my friend and I on Square Lake. At that point we had to stop shooting and row for our lives to get to the relative safety of Kawishiwi.

I wish I could have been shooting the whole way; I wish I had video of the whole experience.

Above: A vertical panorama of the sun lighting up a column of smoke from a nearby fire.


Ministri - “Pagami” e “I Nostri Uomini ti Vedono” Live @ Magnolia 2008 

Qualsiasi cosa stessi facendo nel momento in cui si svolgeva questo concerto, non è abbastanza importante da giustificare la mia assenza sotto quel palco.

Applying a Patch for Stress Reinforcement

Applying a Patch for Stress Reinforcement

This is a video of me repairing a Souris River Quetico 17 that is owned by all of us while residing in the US Forest Service.  This canoe had a million miles on it and showed signs of working ridiculously hard during the Pagami Forest Fire of 2011.  It was oil-canning and had some major, over-flexed stress marks/cracks that while they were still not leaking, would eventually need attention.  On…

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Alonzo: Ce l'hai il ca**o? Rispondi, ce l'hai il ca**o?
Hoyt: Si.
Alonzo: Bene, questo è il ca**o, al lato del ca**o ci sono due tasche, metti le mani nelle tasche, prendi un pò di soldi e PAGAMI IL CONTO! 🙊🔫🔫💀 #trainingday #traininglife #danzelwashington #ethanhawke #moviecult #movienight #badboys #thegoodandthebad #truestory #streetlife #KARMA #lavitaeunviaggio
La strada è tutta una questione di lacrime e sorrisi. Devi tenere sotto controllo le tue lacrime e i tuoi sorrisi, perché sono l'unica cosa che hai e che nessuno ti può togliere.. ♥ (presso Training day)