Long time no see.

I’ve bought a Bora too (Jetta in US). My old Golf mk3 went back to garage and is now waiting for disassembly, new parts, painting and assembly. New color will be secret at the moment but it will be somekind of green. 

We done a bit repairing for Bora first when I got it. Removed Evry-mod, aftermarket xenons and subwoofer from spare tire space, Changed left engine mount and repaired back-up light wiring. Inside intercooler was about 0.5-0.8 litres of oil! Also one air leak was fix’d that goes to IC. Defa plug installed to the bumber and inside as well.

There is lot to do for example dog bone engine mount change, front doors microswithes, right door window regulator and too many little things! =D

Some specs about Bora:

1.9TDI, 300 000km, 90hp, Ta-Technix coilover, TAG 17” rims + Sunny 225/45 winter tires, Depo Angel Eyes and Simota air filter.

In those snowy pics Bora has just been washed with Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam + Surfex HD to remove all the dirt from paint and door wells. Due to cold weather Bora is still waiting for sealant. Polishing will be done soon and he will get Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0.