Exclusive - photos of Benedict Cumberbatch with Sherlock Paddington Bear.

Enjoy our exclusive photos of Benedict Cumberbatch with the Sherlock themed Paddington Bear that he designed. You can find Benedict’s bear at the Museum of London.

There are 50 bears across London and you can find them on the Paddington Trail 

The bears will ultimately be auctioned in favour of the NSPCC.

Paddington is released in the UK on 28th November and you can see the trailer here.

Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear goes up to the counter and stands very still, not making a sound. The barista tries to talk to him, but sees a note pinned to his jacket. It reads, “Please make a cup of green tea for this bear. Thank you.” Paddington drinks the tea, but all he really wanted was marmalade.


Mr Paddington Brown.

Like a lot of people, I was appalled when I saw that Paddington Bear was recently cruelly and senselessly beaten with the ugly stick.

My friend Eimhin McNamara made this illustration of Paddington, with the original red hat. I gave him the black hat of the animated TV series because that’s how I think of Pastuso, and to show that it’s not adaptation I object to, but pissing all over a lovely character by giving preference to CG fur over good design.

Prints available here.