about me

because x-heather tagged me
name: harper
nickname(s): idk a lot of people call me a bitch but
birthday: 6/23/02
star sign: cancer
gender: genderfluid???
height: around 5′7 
sexual orientation: pan/demi
favorite color: all the greys
time rn: 9:38 pm
average hours of sleep: 6ish :/
lucky numbers: 69 amirite B)
last thing I googled: bipolar 1 disorder
word that comes to mind: golf wtf
happy place: friend/headphones
# blankets I sleep under: as many as possible
favorite fictional character: ALL of steven universe and poussey 
celebrity crush: too many
fav bands: mcr, the arctic monkeys, the spice girls, etc
last movie i saw: paddington bear awe
dream trip: nyc/tokyo with friendss
dream job: “brainwashing” my idea of good values through a really cute kids cartoon 
what i’m wearing right now: tshirt and shorts 
tagging: blurrylands thecalicokid artrexa groovymathemagician fawkes-the-enbyphoenix

(im so sorry if this is a bother i just picked some people that really interest me obviously you aren’t required to do this)

Cinema 225 - Watch Movies Online

Click the title Bellow to Watch :

  1. Cinderella Full Movie 2015
  2. Insurgent Full Movie Online 2015
  3. Big Hero 6 Full Movie Online 2015
  4. Kingsman The Secret Service Full Movie Online 2015
  5. Ex Machina Full Movie Online 2015
  6. Woman in Gold Full Movie Online 2015
  7. Far from the Madding Crowd Full Movie Online 2015
  8. Woman in Gold Full Movie Online 2015
  9. Mockingjay Part 1 Full Movie Online 2015
  10. The Hobbit The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Full Movie Online 2015
  11. The Wedding Ringer Full Movie Online 2015
  12. Paddington Full Movie Online 2015
  13. Taken 3 Full Movie Online 2015
  14. JUPITER ASCENDING Full Movie Online 2015
  15. INTO THE WOODS Full Movie Online 2015
  16. Interstellar Full Movie Online 2015
  17. Get Hard Full Movie Online 2015
  18. The Duff Full Movie Online 2015
  19. The Age of Adaline Full Movie Online 2015
  20. Fifty Shades of Grey Full Movie Online 2015
  21. American Sniper Full Movie Online 2015
  22. The Longest Ride Full Movie Online 2015
  23. HOT PURSUIT Full Movie Online 2015


The royal wedding between prince Paddington and princess Annie of Wailington was one of the most popular event in recent history. The highly televised wedding ceremony gathered over 70 million views worldwide and generated over $2B in commercial revenue.

5 Reason Why You're Not Too Old To Watch “Paddington”

1) Q from Skyfall is Paddington

Ben Whishaw, most well known for playing Q in the last James Bond movie, voiced the titular bear.

2) Like fellow bear Winnie The Pooh, Paddington is timeless

Since his first appearance in 1958, Paddington has appeared in 13 books, a Google Doodle, several sculptures, and even a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

3) You can’t really call yourself an anglophile otherwise

Apart from the stories’ British legacy, the movie stars Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who), Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), and Matt King (Peep Show).

4) Nicole Kidman, who plays the villain, isn’t joking about how good the movie is

While promoting the movie on Conan, Kidman said “Sometimes you come and you have to promote movies and you know, they’re ok, but this one’s actually really good!”

5) Adorable doesn’t have an age limit

Just look at his face.

Paddington will be playing tonight at 7:30 and 10:00PM in the SLC!


Skaters - schemers

Albert Hammond Jr has been producing demos for these guys! 


@thepaddingtonshu5 are playing on my 30th birthday. So tempted to get tickets for their comeback gig, but hoping they do ku. Just one last time 😘 #paddingtons #panicattack #youthrekindled

  • Sorry
  • The Paddingtons
  • First Comes First

The Paddingtons - Sorry

Now this song starts out slightly slower than Panic Attack, but no worries, the good parts are coming. Again, the lyrics can be odd for some, but the super energetic music itself just makes up for it, and for the people that do not mind the lyrics/like them (me), it just seals the deal.

First Comes First is The Paddingtons’ debut album, released on October 31, 2005.” -Wikipedia