This is why we're Tumblr married
  • Nina:I think so. I drank a ton of water and took meds. fucking hell I'm writing franky's sickness and im getting it myself!
  • Me:having lesbian sex next I assume? lol
  • Nina:oh yeah obviously with all the muff around.
  • Nina:omnomnomnom
  • Me:Knee deep in clunge
  • Me:Get your wellies
  • Nina:you better not post a chat on tumblr about this haha
  • Me:now I want too
  • Nina:NO
  • Nina:I ain't no lesbian, unless you're lily loveless
  • Nina:or kaya scodelario
  • Nina:or dakota blue richards
  • Nina:or kat prescott
  • Me:you have quite the list
  • Nina:or betty white
  • Nina:or freya mavor

padfoot-is-sirius-now said:

Messer J.C.Potter (Esq.) Mate! 17 at last. With any luck this owl’ll get to you before I do, but the damn thing’s a bit wonky (flew face first into the window this morning) so he might get a little lost. Either way, the ruddy point is that you’re an adult bugger now, and I fully expect you to disregard any stance put forward about “maturity” and “acting your age” because it’s all rubbish. The first spell out your wand this morning better cause some kind of explosion or I’m disowning you. --S.O.B

Messer S.O. Black (Esq.) -

It’s about ruddy time! But you know what they say about saving the best for last. Bloody owls; they never know when to retire them. I swear some of the ones flying about were around when dear Minnie was in school.

Mum about cried this morning over breakfast. So I don’t think there’ll be a problem ‘embracing my youth’ as far as she’s concerned. Besides, what the hell kind of Marauder would I be if I went around acting all pompous now that I’m of age? (Honestly, if I ever start doing that, feel free to whack me upside the head with one of Moony’s thickest volumes.)

You have such little faith in me. I’d been waiting for the perfect one and just now I set fire to Mum’s petunias (you know, the ones she got at that horrid Ministry raffle, that smell like Padfoot after a jaunt in the swamp). She wasn’t particularly happy but I could see Dad cracking a smile when he thought she wasn’t looking.

Your faithful lieutenant, 



P.S. Where the bloody hell are you? Mum’s been steaming for a half-hour. She could use a visit from her favourite son.
P.P.S. She saved you bacon, for crying out loud. 

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Paddfoot and I, I’m the snowman and she is Daffy. LOL