padaw4n replied to your post “Schurrle + money for Reus, would you? Also hearing loads of report of Varane available for £19m, that would be amazing”

Nah i woudn’t give up shurrle for Reus. I’d give up azpi for Hummels any day tho.

Really? I get that the Schurrle/Reus thing might just be a bit of personal preference, but you’d seriously consider getting rid of Azpi? The dude is arguably the best full back in the league and you’d want to let him go? If it were me I’d lock Azpi into another long-term contract and give him as much money as he wants, because his play has been as close to flawless as you can get this season.

I really like Hummels, but first off, they play different positions, so it’d make no sense to get rid of Azpi (LB/RB) to bring in Hummels (a CB). And also, this isn’t even bias, Azpi is incredible and crazily consistent (even playing out of position as he has been for the last season and a quarter), he’s the last person I’d even think of letting go right now. If we win anything this season, I’m sure he’ll play a huge part in it. 

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Has anyone told you that you look like Maryqueen Reznor? Well you kinda do :)

nope! she’s v good looking so this is a v cool compliment. thank you.

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Hey, what's the Courtois situation? is he coming back or not?

I’m not 100% sure, but it’s looking like he’ll come back. Jose had an interview in which he said Thibaut was probably coming back, but the club hasn’t said anything official yet; and I doubt they will do until after the World Cup.


So I made a Video for “LOYALTY” the new single form Drama Teme’s new ep “BUSHIDO”

Hope you all enjoy