padalumps said: Mmmm….. I’m on my 4th or 5th cup. I love coffee but my bladder disagrees….:/

Another coffee-lover! :D I’m drinking a nice big mug of some right now, I don’t even care that it’s 2am sleep is for people who don’t drink coffee. XD Sigh, if only bladders enjoyed coffee too. 

 padalumps replied to your post: Tried to kill a spider with hairspray but it crawled over to the other side of the shower curtain.

My reaction exactly.

 michackles replied to your post: Tried to kill a spider with hairspray but it crawled over to the other side of the shower curtain.

I tried to kill a spider with air freshener once. It didn’t work. Eventually (and by eventually I mean several hours later) I plucked up the courage to use a shoe and get close enough to kill it. It was on the ceiling.

I’m hoping that the hairspray will make him sticky enough that he can’t get far but he crawls onto a wall so I can kill him and sleep without the terror of waiting for a mutant spider to attack.

I wuv you too! It's true though. Telling people about it I'm like "It's a body rash! Not an STD!"

padalumps replied to your post: Tag, you’re it! Here are the rules: Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them! I tagged you! Or well, your askbox :)

I love you! I just busted out laughing at the STD comment. Also, I’ve been using DIAF wayyyyy too much here recently.

padalumps replied to your post: hey guys did i tell you that danielle fishel goes…

What what what?!?!? The sad thing is that I knew exactly who that was and got jealous. lols

Hahaha seriously you and I need to go back to the 90s hahahaha~ but yeah its so weird! I have yet to see her, but I have friends who have seen her! I’m always on the lookout hahaha and I know when I see her I’m probably gonna lose my cool and scream TOPANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

padalumps asked:

Happy birthday! Have a great one! It's my birthday too! I never get people with my same bday.

ohmygod did you just sent me this or is my askbox a WEEK LATE?! omfg
anyways thank you so much sweetie, hope you had a great one too! :]


padalumps replied to your post: padalumps replied to your post: omg backstreet…

Yup, that basically explains it. Everybody is by far their best video, but it’s still so corny. I went and saw NKOTBSB in June and I saw BSB last June. I regret nothing!!

omG i AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU I’ve never seen BSB only NSync!! DO they still play together? Well perform I guess because boy bands dont play anything they just jump around in unison and harmonize hahaha omg i miss the 90s im gonna look them up right nOW

 padalumps replied to your post: Can someone just explain to me what Dr. Who is about? Maybe if I knew something about it I would actually be compelled to watch it once or something loool.

It’s too complex to explain. I started typing it out but I was rambling so here:…

Thank you<3 ahahhaa
It just sounds like something i would be interested in getting into, yano?
I mean all the posts about if from everyone on my dash is just piquing my interest more and moar.

padalumps replied to your post: omg backstreet boys videos are so stupid jfc the…

Quit Playin Games is still the worst I think. What with them all wet and gyrating…. not that I minded….

omg im rewatching like ALL of them but i keep avoiding that one hahahaha its so corny goD all of their outfits and all of the girls outfits and hairstyles i cant believe this stuff was cool back then and i lived through it hahahaha right now im on i want it that way and i hate their all white outfits hahaha they look so stupid and I love them

Oh. Well, we don't. Our best days are the days we don't see each other most or don't really talk about deep things.
padalumps replied to your postMy mom won’t let me say “crap” now when I’m home….

My dad once freaked out on me for saying pissed off… when I was 20. Needless to say I moved out that evening. He still freaks out if I cuss in front of him, but he knows to hold his tongue about it. We actually get along really well though.