Denim Jacket

Okay, so I have been searching for the perfect denim jacket for what has felt like months and months. I didn’t want it to be constraining in the arms like most of my denim jackets are. My first though was to then buy a men’s jacket, but the fit just wasn’t doing it for me. I then decided to purchase a woman’s jacket from American Eagle in a much larger size and it honestly just looked like I was wearing a denim jacket that was too big because there was virtually no opening to see the shirt underneath. So yeah, I had to return that jacket.

Then, my mom and I just randomly went into PacSun one day (well it wasn’t that random because they were having a sale on Brandy Melville- buy 2+ and get 20% off). I wasn’t looking for a jacket though, I wanted to buy shirts because THEY ARE SO SOFT. Anyway, I walked in and saw this gem and literally fell in love. Even though it was a bit on the expensive side with the 20% (I rarely buy really expensive clothes believe or not) I couldn’t not buy it. I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it. And it’s so comfortable and just all around perfect. I’m going to stop ranting now, but seriously check it out!!! (also, it came with a detachable grey good which is pretty cool)

Shirt- Brandy Melville USA
Jacket- Brandy Melville USA
Leggings- Nordstrom
Shoes- Marshall’s
Necklace- PacSun