So this may sound like a first world problem but…

But after coming back from our trip to Japan, I feel like NYC’s really lost it’s luster for me.

It’s like Tokyo’s broken my brain or something.


(It’s really because every anime-related thing I ever wanted to buy ever was a fuck ton cheaper in Japan arrggghhh)

My friends over at PacSet Tours held a postcard contest to win $200 off a trip to Japan! (Click through to larger, deviantART version)

This would have been my entry, but I missed the deadline - so I turned it into a PacSet advertisement. It’s my doctor-princess, Willow, with her bodyguard, Rivek, in his falcon form (that’s why he has blue eyes instead of yellow).

There’s still time to join the Starving Artist Tour! Sign-ups have been extended to May 9! All this for only $990, land-only ($1850, includes flight from Los Angeles.):

  • Check out the Ghibli museum!
  • Shop for art supplies!
  • Visit an animation school or studio!
  • Draw with a manga circle!
  • Sell your work at Comic City!
  • Relax at a hot spring! (Ito extension)
  • Arrive in LA in time for Anime Expo! (and meet me!)

Please feel free to leave a note in my ask with any questions you have about PacSet! :)

End of an Era: Newark to Singapore Route to end


Sad. Yes friends, the world’s longest commercial flight is coming to an end. Let us mourn by burying our heads in the carpet.

As a travel industry guy, I have mixed feelings about this. Our company has made a point of fighting the “oh, travel is SOOOOO EXPENSIVE” stereotype, but we do have to admit that making it cheap can be one hell of a challenge. Especially when jet fuel costs a fortune and the worth of the American Dollar drifts further from “real currency” and closer to “single-ply toilet paper.” You know, the kind they have at the student union on your campus, or at the Motel 6.

For me, this move reinforces a belief that I’ve had for a while but I haven’t seen other people mention: the business model for air travel/travel in general is misguided. Airlines have made a habit of pitching as much as they can to their most deep-pocketed customers. Have you ever seen how much the shit in the Sky Mall catalog costs? How about that cologne from the Duty Free shop? Do you really know anyone who thinks, “Hey, I know that 78 bucks is a lot to pay for a bottle of Bailey’s, but hell - they won’t charge me Duty!” as they shop? HELL no.

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