Packaging and visual identity for ili_ili lamps by Šesnić&Turković

"Ili_ili is a system of modular lights which gives the user the freedom to assemble a lamp of unique shape and color. Our colleagues and friends from Grupa Products asked us to create a visual identity and packaging for the lamps. The design process was challenging and complex, as we wanted simple and efficient packaging for thousands of different combinations.”

Šesnić&Turković studio was founded in 2006, and has been working in the field of graphic design and visual communications ever since. They approach every project with the same fundamental mission – find the best creative solution, which will give it its communicative strength, longevity, and set it apart from the competition. They apply that approach in all fields of work: visual identities, signage, exhibition designs, stand designs, designs of publications, advertisements and promo materials, designs for gift shops etc.

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Amanda Lee by Kevin Tran / kevintran.co

I was contacted to produce a custom CV portfolio document for marketing and brand strategy specialist Amanda Lee. The purpose of the document was to present Amanda’s professional resumé in a unique and memorable format to appeal to the competitive and savvy New York media industry.

A set of 3 colour-coded versions were created with each version tailored to a particular sector of the media industry. Content was typeset following a strict grid-based layout to showcase Amanda’s extensive industry experience in a professional and credible light, while the soft colour palette reflects her bubbly, outgoing and optimistic personality.


Let’s talk about characters

First of all i always enjoy working for kids. This project is an unpublished one for a cold meat client based in Greece. The main goal was to great two different characters for a new kids product. I came up with these two little cute characters, pop but close to minimal aesthetic with pink hair color and purple polka dot clothes for the girl character and brown hair, mustache and blue clothes for the boy. Funny and happy for the children. What do you think? Do you like them?

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Black and White Magic.

Some things just make me think of 20s vamps and silent films.

#TomFord White Patchouli and Black Orchid eau de parfum
#AnnaSui length & Separation Mascara
#Chanel Joues Contraste blush, Le Black loose powder, and Rouge Coco 21 Rivoli - technically they wore carmine red, not dark lipsticks, in the 20s

#beauty #cosmetics #packaging #20s #siren #makeup #fragrance #perfume #sg #bblogger #darklips #noir


Beauty & Beer

I like the design – and amusing concept – of these facial products disguised as beer. ‘For men who think facial products are too feminine’.
‘Sir Stout’ was designed by Chantelle Rautenbach of South Africa and I’m pretty sure it’s a personal project.

“Each targeting a certain nutritional value your skin requires. Thats why each beer bottle has an ingredient specific for targeting good skin and happens to be an ingredient in beer. Look good while still feeling like a man.”


Typo Template 19

A set of 13 Artsy Vintage badges which can be used as your logos,labels,badges,watermark,insignia and other identity, branding materials, design proposal, marketing graphics,blog headers,presentations and so much more Use these logos as your latest project identity and graphics, each with its own style and feel, it’ll bring out strong branding presence and weathered impression of your brand and products.

The main Features
• AI & EPS Files
• Backgrounds are included
• Fully editable and scalable
• All the font links in help file

Download the template here »