minimalist    |    http://minimalist.kr

"H Tea is a brand new contemporary tea shop. In order to deliver its message in a resolute manner, its first initial H and the tea leaf were chosen, then carefully melted into the identity system. The color palette is a key factor as it is categorizing the genuine tea collection by color coding that will ensure easy reference for potential users. Turquoise is the primary and ten distinctive colors are part of the secondary color palette."

Minimalist is an award winning ‘boutique’ design studio based in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. They believe good design can be achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. All mediums around them through visual, aural, typographic languages want to fill their niche when they already are living in a world full of everything. Design is no exception. The longer, fancier the message is, the harder it gets to the audience. Creating something that only attracts your aesthetics is not their goal. Design has to work both functionally and aesthetically, and they are eager to see their work last decades regardless of the underlying trend.

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Robot Food    |    http://robot-food.com

"For Christmas 2014, we gave our clients something fun, festive and worth making room for on the mantelpiece. We’d hesitate to call ourselves a traditional agency but we do love a traditional Christmas. So we gave our clients, family and friends a festive wooden nutcracker. With a robotic twist. Robot Roy is hand-painted in primary colours and he’s packaged in an impressive bespoke black box made from Ebony Colorplan, with an in-house illustrated design. The 50 limited edition boxes are finished in a luxurious gold foil and sealed with a numbered sticker. Cracking."

Bold, brave and beautiful. That’s the blueprint for Robot Food’s design. Making noise is good. Being heard is better. What they do is turn up the volume on strategic creativity. They focus the messaging. They do away with clutter. They craft every detail. Simply put, they’re hellbent on great ideas that bring solid commercial results.

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