When we grow up, we stop enjoying simple things of life like taking a nice bath. Ahal turns every step of the diary routine into a real pleasure.

Ahal is a Mexican company that combines international ingredients to create something between herbalism and sustainable cosmetic technology.

Their philosophy of using only eco-conscious ingredients and doing things “by hand” adds an immeasurable value to their products.

We made the Branding solution considering their handicraft approach to manufacture and that they are certified experts involved in the care of people’s health and the environment.

Ahal invites us to go back to basics, take a deep breath and think: Today I’m gonna enjoy a nice shower!

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Nativetech by Siemalab by Anagrama / anagrama.com 

Nativetech is a new brand specialized in sports nutrition supplements that help improve athletes’ performance by boosting energy, providing muscle growth potential, and supporting recovery after intense training sessions. The products are highly functional and have been developed with innovative formulas that integrate the newest nutritional components derived from the application of the latest bioengineering technologies.

Our brand proposal aims at breaking away from the generic solutions that are typical of this product segment by taking a direction that is inspired by bright, neon colors that are related to the world of optimal sport performance, including the attire, footwear, and accessories associated with these athletes.

A vast majority of sports nutrition products require extensive directions and specifications on their packaging. We accomplished at turning this visual weakness into the prefect balance between the packaging and its labels, as well as by adding a numerical system that simplifies the steps and instructions for the use of the products. This system designed for Nativetech serves as an additional benefit for the future expansion of the brand’s product line while maintaining the brand’s essence. Nativetech’s bright color palette and typographic solution help its products stand out among the numerous existing supplement options.


The Ice Cream that Understands PMS by Parker Jones

Texas-based college student Parker Jones tapped into the painful world of menstrual cramps and emotional frustration women endure monthly. Funny and cute, Jones wants you to know that the struggle is real and that your binge-friendly best friend, ice cream really does understand. With hilarious phrases, such as “I Think I’m Dying” and Don’t Come Near Me,” the ice cream containers feature seven emotional states one undergoes when PMS attacks. They read: “Day One: It’s Only Just Begun,” “Day Two: Hell Is Coming,” Day Three: Can’t Turn Back Now,” “Day Four: Only A Few More Days” Day Five: Dear God Make It Stop,” Day Six: Please Tell Me It’s Over” and finally “Day Seven: Sweet Relief.” Finally, someone is saying what everyone women is thinking.

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OROQ Identity by Plat

“We created the logo and application design for ‘One Roaster One Quality’.”

Plat is a graphic design studio established in Jan 2014 by Eunji Lim, Hwayoung Lee, Hyungseuk Cho, and Sangjoon Hwang. They propose a better strategy with their specialized skills in various area include branding, exhibition, printing, packaging, and web design. They are interested in producing narratives from versatile perspective, and offering solutions for a diverse range of projects ranging from those in small local cooperation to large scale commercial work. 

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Seagrape Botanical Illustration
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The Seagrape restuarant at the Thompson Hotel Miami features dining and lifestyle reflective of its namesake and Floridan roots. Drawing inspiration from the native plant, Seagrape’s brand identity is expressed through its signature botanical pattern.

Illustrator – Jennifer Yung
Art Director – Steve Fine
Client – Seagrape at the Thompson Hotel Miami
Agency – Love & War


Burger & Love by kissmiklos

‘’The main concept comes from the idea that the burgers are from the street of America, and it became one of the favorite symbols of pop art. Street food slowly transforms into a high end food – sold in many restaurants around the world. 

 For me it says everything about pop art! Only a part of this branding is materialized. A few years ago I saw an exhibition at the Tate Modern, in London, it was called Pop Life. I was inspired by this and right away it got me thinking how I could form the perfect branding for a “Pop” restaurant – where pop music is played and the interior has an iconic style from this era. The whole branding is like a package of everything that is Pop – quotes, masterpieces, illustrations, motifs – all in a modern context. I imagined this place as a clash of popular style/mainly plastic/ and organic burgers. Where there would be a great contrast between the healthy and organic food with its’ modern POP interior.’’ ( via Kissmiklos)

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