Floralpunk by Oddds / oddds.com

Simply timeless. Floralpunk is a jewellery & apparel brand that is originally founded in Germany and currently based in Saigon, Vietnam by blogger, Julia Doan who carefully curates the products. A rebranding identity set forth as a small fashion and goods online scene initially, in the ever changing fashion world; envelopes a blend of casual effortless chic. Classily contemporary - the beauty of Floralpunk was inspired by floral organs. Soft delicate pastels embeds the brand’s palette. The feminine colour of pink and the classy black creates a stark contrast of the Floralpunk brand. They bring out the characteristics of the psyche of the brand. The photography direction surrounds with floras as the main ideation. In order to devise a brand system, the selection of type played a key role in Floralpunk. It helped to carry out the image of the brand with top notch minimal styling. Foil-stamping of the Namecards gives quiet confidence flawlessly worn - a remarkable touch in the identity. A set of collaterals plays with a tone of black & pink, layers upon layers that softens punk in floral colours.

These little bees are made of paper embedded with seeds that will grow into beautiful flowers that bees love best! You just put them in a pot and cover with a light layer of compost and they grow flowers perfect for pollinators. I’m including them with all the bumblechums so you can plant one and support bees. They arrived white so I’m colouring them in haha

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Sorry everyone, shops closed today! Catch us tomorrow 1-7 and Sunday 10-2 #ontheboulevard.
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Studio Majoran by Malwin Béla HürkeyLennart Engelmann / malw.in & engelmannlennart.de

Hearty and traditional German cuisine, packaged in Japanese aesthetics.

Studio Majoran is a catering service which orientates its cooking and appearance on traditional Japanese comities. Not in the manner of its ingredients, rather than on its ceremonial appreciation of the meal. Time, calmness and modest beauty. Those attributes had to be translated and transferred into the design and packaging of Studio Majoran.

All ingredients were obtained through local farmers, the used paper conforms the FSC standards and also the bowls are pressed out of ecofriendly bamboo.

The signet is an homage on the old asian Inkan-Seal tradition and conforms as an official signature or an artists signature. We completely relinquished on packaging designation. Solely the seal and additional symbol decorate the shell of the packaging.

Inspired by the characteristics of the blue onion style from the german Meissen porcelain, the symbol system allows to describe every different type of meal Studio Majoran has to offer.

Corporate Design: Malwin Béla Hürkey
Packaging: Lennart Engelmann


Branding and packaging for Mexican beer Zorra by Análogo

“Zorra is a new Mexican craft beer. Brewed on Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco in Mexico, Zorra is dedicated to bringing unique tasting experiences. Our naming and branding proposal combines a strong name treated in a friendly and contemporary way. Two strong beer styles have been selected to make the brand’s first statement. A black strong Imperial Peanut Stout made with a combination of six malts and brewed with roasted peanut and a Red India Pale Ale which uses a selected variety of hops to bring floral and herbal scents”

Análogo is a design boutique specialized in branding, editorial design, packaging and graphic design located in Guadalajara Jalisco, México.

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Reward Boxes Package Design by Charlie Isslander

“Charlie had a pleasure to work on unusual packaging for a client in 2012. The pack contains 3 base packages, from Golden to Bronze as a rating of each customer with royalty program card at the restaurant. The golden one contains $1,000 bottle of red wine, signed certificate and couple of propagation items, such as badges or other collectibles. The box is made from black chalk-writeable paper with a foil press on logo and ½ of it.”

Born & raised in Czech Republic, Charlie Isslander was genuinely influenced by Austrian, German & Croatian ancestors. Over 6 years in business, He’s had a chance to work on variety of projects, with agencies, companies or even individuals. Custom work is his territory, branding, web design, UI/UX design, print design & of course any offline design. Synthesis of his creativity & the understanding of task are his keys to create award winning experiences

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