The Ice Cream that Understands PMS by Parker Jones

Texas-based college student Parker Jones tapped into the painful world of menstrual cramps and emotional frustration women endure monthly. Funny and cute, Jones wants you to know that the struggle is real and that your binge-friendly best friend, ice cream really does understand. With hilarious phrases, such as “I Think I’m Dying” and Don’t Come Near Me,” the ice cream containers feature seven emotional states one undergoes when PMS attacks. They read: “Day One: It’s Only Just Begun,” “Day Two: Hell Is Coming,” Day Three: Can’t Turn Back Now,” “Day Four: Only A Few More Days” Day Five: Dear God Make It Stop,” Day Six: Please Tell Me It’s Over” and finally “Day Seven: Sweet Relief.” Finally, someone is saying what everyone women is thinking.

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Kate Spade Saturday Packaging and Product by Allison Henry Aver

“The Creative Team at Kate Spade Saturday was responsible for designing, writing and naming all branded materials—from price-tags to product. The following is a small sampling of what they have created.”

Allison Henry Aver is a Creative Director specializing in brand experience, design direction and creative strategy for fashion and lifestyle brands. Most recently, she was the founding Design Director for Brand Creative at Kate Spade Saturday, the newest member of the Kate Spade + Company family, overseeing the creation of the brand’s voice, identity, and personality in all channels. She led a team of art directors, copywriters and designers whose work touched and influenced all aspects of the brand — from in-store, online, advertising, content and social media.

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OROQ Identity by Plat

“We created the logo and application design for ‘One Roaster One Quality’.”

Plat is a graphic design studio established in Jan 2014 by Eunji Lim, Hwayoung Lee, Hyungseuk Cho, and Sangjoon Hwang. They propose a better strategy with their specialized skills in various area include branding, exhibition, printing, packaging, and web design. They are interested in producing narratives from versatile perspective, and offering solutions for a diverse range of projects ranging from those in small local cooperation to large scale commercial work. 

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Seagrape Botanical Illustration
See the full project here

The Seagrape restuarant at the Thompson Hotel Miami features dining and lifestyle reflective of its namesake and Floridan roots. Drawing inspiration from the native plant, Seagrape’s brand identity is expressed through its signature botanical pattern.

Illustrator – Jennifer Yung
Art Director – Steve Fine
Client – Seagrape at the Thompson Hotel Miami
Agency – Love & War


Owen + Alchemy

“Owen + Alchemy is a small ‘juice apothecary’ in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, a very trendy and flourishing part of town. The owner, Anne Owen, has a background in fashion publications in Miami and wanted to bring that simple, stark and fashion-forward look to her juice bar. Her name, paired with the alchemic approach of their juice and food concoctions led us to create this brand inspired by old alchemic symbology, with a modern twist.”

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Costello & Hellerstein 

(by Robot Food

Ori Hellerstein and Yvonne Costello handcraft their sublime chocolate truffles to deliver a complete sensory experience. Inspired by their creativity, technical brilliance and collaborative approach, we developed a brand identity and pack design to visualise their story.
The wordmark is a clean and confident contrast to the organic lines, motion and craft origins of a flowing marble pattern achieved by swirling ink on water and overlaying cartridge paper. The result is a beautiful, uncompromising identity. A fitting showcase for the truffles within.

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Burger & Love by kissmiklos

‘’The main concept comes from the idea that the burgers are from the street of America, and it became one of the favorite symbols of pop art. Street food slowly transforms into a high end food – sold in many restaurants around the world. 

 For me it says everything about pop art! Only a part of this branding is materialized. A few years ago I saw an exhibition at the Tate Modern, in London, it was called Pop Life. I was inspired by this and right away it got me thinking how I could form the perfect branding for a “Pop” restaurant – where pop music is played and the interior has an iconic style from this era. The whole branding is like a package of everything that is Pop – quotes, masterpieces, illustrations, motifs – all in a modern context. I imagined this place as a clash of popular style/mainly plastic/ and organic burgers. Where there would be a great contrast between the healthy and organic food with its’ modern POP interior.’’ ( via Kissmiklos)

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