10 Creative Designs week 9

Creative Packagings

This week I explored packaging designs. I like how these packagings complement the product and viceversa. Some of these use similes, some use a clever way to say what is inside the product, others tell why the product is good for you, while others focus on the experience when unpacking it. 




Milky’s Bath Salts & Packaging!

Hello everyone I just wanted to share some information about the bath salts that I bought from Milky~ First off I want to mention that I used their promo code BUNNYTREATS to receive 15% off my order. I believe it is still good to use till the 4th of April. The coupon is good to use on orders that are 10$ or more. Now I want to talk about the packaging. As soon as I placed my order I received a message from Milky informing me that I would be given a tracking number for my order. I always appreciate when sellers give me tracking numbers I find it to be very helpful so I know when I can expect my shipment. After four business days I found such a cute box at my door with drawings of a pink bunny on it! It was very pleasing to the eyes. So naturally I took the box inside and opened it up to see my items. All the tubes were wrapped up snugly with bubble wrap and were secured with a few pieces of tape. As I took out my salts I noticed a thank you note. To be honest this made my day. I love it when the seller is kind enough to add a personal thank you. c: It makes me feel appreciated as a customer.
Over all I am very happy with all the detail and care that goes into making the bath salts and the delivery. C: 

That is all I have to say about the my experience so far for now and if you are curious to know what sets I bought they are here.
——>I bought two set of Milky’s Choose Your Own Assorted Bath Salts- Set of Five(5).
The scents I chose were: Kitten Toes, Peach Party, Rabbit Wishes, Love Bite, Demon Wood, Ghost Stories, Island Princess, Occult Beast, Water Nymph, and Mermaid Tears and I will be posting about my opinions and thoughts about them in the future! With pictures~!
If you are interested in checking out Milky’s shop here is a link ——->


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