01. Intro
02. The Return (ft. Ty$)
03. Bank
04. Truth
05. Sneakerboxes (ft. Chip Gnarley & Big Sik)
06. Faircrest Heights (Interlude)
07. Slow
08. Can’t Help It
09. F**k Y’all (ft. Kurupt & DJ Battlecat)
10. Black Acura (ft. Mac Miller)
11. Automatic
12. Cross-Trainers (ft. Kendrick Lamar & Blu)
13. Debo
14. No Superman
15. Savages (ft. Big Sik & Edbone)
16. La Cienega Luxor (ft. Big Sik)
17. It’s All Love (ft. Elway 7 & Edbone)

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You’re the umbrella to my rain, the numb to my pain, the image to my frame, the engine to my plane, the flicker to my flame. You turn me on in ways that I can’t even explain. Girl, you shittin’ on the game. You gonna make a nigga change, put me in my right mind. Had me put the Henny down, now I’m on my white wine. Kick it in the daytime, sex in the nighttime. Everyday I pray we stay connected like a life-line.
—  Pac Div - Show You (via hiphoplovesongs)
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