So… I was tagged again by paboseok to do the 6 selcas thing and since she’s a babe I’m gonna fulfill her wish!
/Notice that I can’t do a normal face to save my life
/I’m not tagging anyone because all the people I want to tag won’t do it >.>

6 (- 5) selfies of 2014 challenge xD

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I seriously don’t take photos of myself so I only have one and I spent ages trying to take at least a decent one but I failed so I’m just going to listen to Dani’s advice and yolo it xD

Please don’t click ‘read more’ unless you want to throw up all over your laptop/phone or whatever lmao >_<

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xmasseok asked:

i know that your main point is the fact that girls deal with all the time but i just wanted to say that i dont think that people said that because of his looks but because of his personality. i mean suju is mam fav group and i love them so much but i dont like shindong because of the shit he says. id seriously love him just like the rest of them because he's funny etc and i dont mind that he's not skinny but he never learns and he keeps talking stupid things and that really annoys me.

yes i totally understand. he says a lot of shit and has a really bad personality and doesnt know when to juST STOP

his problem is also that he thinks he can get away with saying this shit but if the situation is flipped he gets upset??? 

and if a woman was saying these things it would be even worse and she would gET SO MUCH HATE 

xmasseok asked:


• My first bias : Taehyung

• My current bias : Hoseok 

• Who I think is prettiest/handsomest : Jin :)) 

• Who I think has the potential to go solo : Jungkook 

• Who I think is the 4D/awkward member : tae 

• Whether they should’ve debuted with a fierce or a cute image : cute man definitely 

paboseok fuck I hate how much I love mino like honestly why, i want I’m him to be played at my funeral it’ll be amazing„, tbh he’s almost one of my ultimates?? he’s in line w Leo&ukwon rn
jinwoo and seunghoon are adorable too like I loved them before I watched win but now I really appreciate seunghoon he’s a v nice boy im proud of him
I have noticed the jinhwan and hanbin moments!!!! VERY CUTE!!! they make me happy because hanbin usually looks so serious but he’s such a nice guy god fucking bless I love every single one of them

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dear tumblr user taelnyung,

I guess I’ll answer this honestly since she did too…’n’

you’re funny. and ehm yeah when I see that you’re not online I don’t stay on tumblr for long

xmasseok asked:


• My first bias : Hoya

• My current bias : Lee Howon

• Who I think is prettiest/handsomest : Hoaegi

• Who I think has the potential to go solo : Woohyun I mean Sunggyu already did so 

• Who I think is the 4D/awkward member : the hidden freak kim myungsoo (not so hidden but you know what i mean) 

• Whether they should’ve debuted with a fierce or a cute image : dorawa was both fierce and cute and awkward as fuck so