maddie-ah said:

oh my goodness it was wonderful :') it was actually just before christmas (best present ever!) uhh I was actually quite close to the front which was pretty awesome! and I bought a maine long sleeved shirt which I pretty much wear everyday :D

a;ldkfjsa;ldf when I went to their show about two summers ago we were somewhat near the front too and it was outside and I bought my merch from Garrett :’) I have this purple shirt and wristband that I wear all the time still, ugh feelings. 

OH also I made a t-shirt for the show that said “buttered croissant baby” on the back of it 


Watch on


"Kmzt n u jn stin mis k n kyo, sya ngpla mgppdla me ng pera s money trnsfer tx k nlang truckng# E2 nw roming#q.ung pcages dis month w8 u nlang tnx ingat!txbk"

-from +6392391….. 


Srsly, I dunno who the hell he/she is. I just got this message awhile ago from a complete stranger. At first I was like, “OH! NEW TEXT MESSAGE. FROM… NUMBER ONLY HUH. :D” Then I started reading it "kmzt n u…." wat?? blah. THENNN… "mgppdla me ng pera" me, “ooooh $$$$ *ka-ching ka-ching* loljk HAHAHA :D



Reunion @ FB :)

So yeah. Last night was really great. 5 of us were online at the same time lol! Yeah cause some of my friends were too busy because of summer classes :| But last night was different, t’was totally fun! :D I love my girls. Time for us to have some bonding cause it’s been a year since we graduated from high school and some of them haven’t seen each other since then, w/c is really sad. We talked about many things and ended up talking about Jem’s upcoming birthday though it’s May 12 pa. We also talked about Sam Concepcion, lol I dunno why? Then JEMSAM loveteam was born! HAHA nvm. So I guess we’re having some swimming party @ Jem’s place in MLA. weee excited much! 


LOL. One of my friends made some invitation through FB :D 


We decided to evacuate here. Since marj’s status is starting to be a chatbox XD

I want to tweak my page. AGAIN. I dunno maybe it’s too girly, ze colors. But I’m too lazy and the internet connection is shitty. Maybe this coming Thurs, Fri. HAHAHA. I also don’t have the skills. Just made some hula about the codes lol :)


HAHAHA. My age there is already 17. Well yeah this year i’m turning 17 sooo it’s okay to be advance. :D aaand I also deleted my school since i’m transferring to another school this S.Y 

God wants you to know.

You’ve been worrying too much about the future lately. So tonight, go ahead, put your faith in God, and just have a peaceful evening and a restful sleep.



Exactly, I’ve been worrying about my future this past few days. So yeah, I’ll just follow this one :D


Wala lang may ishe-share lang ako. So nakita ko kasi ito kanina habang nag-aayos ako ng mga dati kong gamit medyo nilalamok na kasi yung kwarto dahil sa tambak na gamit lol. Pero noong nakita ko ito napatigil ako tas pagbukas ko lalo akong nagulat. Tas biglang kong naalala. Nasabi ko nalang, "awwww… :("


(Yan ang cover)

Thennn pag open ko,


OMG. Si Robi Domingo tsaka si awwww… AJ Perez :’(


*Sigh. Bday gift ng JERPZHIAM FAMILY ko ‘to during my 15th bday. And alam nilang crush ko silang dalawa at alam din nilang matutuwa ako pag nakita ko ito. Si MOONSTARGAZING (erra) ang gumawa nito :) THAAANK YOU ulit :D I will treasure this promise. Buti na lang nakita ko ‘to. Sabi nga ni ate, “aww. Oo nga noh crush mo pala sya :(“ ako, "*nods"