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This is my Nanna and Pa in about 1967, they met when my nanna was 15 and my pa was 16 at a music festival, and strangely enough they were both wearing the exact same colored clothes. I’m not exactly sure what happened after that, but I do know that after about a month of being together, my Pa gave my nanna a friendship/love ring, imprinted on it “Janis Brown-Neaves* IWLF” *my nannas name, what did IWLF stand for? ‘It Will Last Forever’. There love did last forever, my nanna passed away on the 9th of March 2013, after battling cancer for 14 years. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999 and after her first chemo lost all her hair, my Pa shaved all his hair off. He attended every single doctor/hospital appointment, besides two where he couldn’t. He cooked for her and looked after her all though her 14 years with cancer. 5 days before she passed, she got told she only had two weeks left. My pa didn’t attend the doctor appointment where she got told the tragic news as he was getting a cat scan, so he got told the news when he arrived at the hospital. As soon as he heard, he held my nannas hand, looked into her eyes and kissed her. That might seem significant, but my nanna and pa had only ever pecked when they kissed each other, but this was a full on kiss. From what my aunty who saw it told me- it was magical, just like a fairy tale. My pa did not leave her side once, he didn’t sleep, barely ate, he stuck by her side holding her hand even when she got to the stage where she couldn’t talk or open her eyes. She wore her friendship/love ring from my Pa every day of her life, and passed away wearing it. Out of all of the love stories I’ve heard about, my Nanna and Pas story is by far my favourite.


We’re really excited to announce the launch of the DIYPHL PA Share! 

Why a PA Share?
DIY PHL and its related programs/events hope to break down barriers to participation in our scene. Limited access to expensive gear is a hurdle that prevents many from setting up their own shows or events. To combat that we purchased a PA — complete with mixer, mics, stands, and all necessary cables — with community funds from First Time’s The Charm, an event that featured 17 brand new bands, each of which included a musician who had never played in a band before and emphasized diversity and inclusiveness.

For all the details of the PA Share, click here! 

A haiku from the article: How Memoirists Mold the Truth


Over 2 years of monthly diy show calendars. Keep em coming, Philly. 

Thanks for your patience while we go through a transition to a new website. We’re working on a new platform that will make updating the site much easier and quicker for us - which means the show listing can get updated daily. Right now, you can still see a basic listing at but it’s not getting updated as quickly and the info as a lot more sparse for the time being and we apologize for that. 

Look for an update soon about the PA Share and how that’s going. In its third month, the PA Share has been a part of 23 shows and has 11 on deck. We’ve worked out a lot of the kinks and are really appreciative for how rad everyone who has become a member has been about being on time for pickups/drop offs and how organized everyone keeps returning the PA. This thing wouldn’t work without the respect you’re all showing it. Philly <3

Edit: almost forgot the most important part! 

Jim Shomo
Megan Maatson
Jenna Peters Golden

Guy Tourangeau
Liz Prince
Karen Martinez
Perry Shall
Mikey Cantor
Dawn Riddle
Peter Clark
Joanna Quigley
Aaron Weber
Leah Girardo
Adam Juresko
Melissa Brain
Ketch Wehr
Maddie Lesperance
Riley Luce
Tiff Cheng
Rich Gutierrez
Sara Baier
Niki Avataria
Ben Fordree
Jeremie Rose Wimbrow
Genesis Crespo
Josey Diaz

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marami talagang na iinarte ngayong valentines. haahaha

di porket single ka, malungkot na valentines mo.
Ang Valentine’s day ay para sa  lahat dahil marunong tayo lahat na magmahal.
Celebrate it together with your friends, loved ones or para ma iba naman, makipag bati ka sa enemy mo. 

Ganun ka simple!

eksaherada naman yung mga single ngayon. XD 

A haiku from the article: ‘The Boy Detective,’ by Roger Rosenblatt

A haiku from the article: A Fight in Colorado Over Uranium Mines

hahahaha ...

Watching “Goodbye Jamich” with my boyfriend.. 

relate kmi.. hahaha…

Ang swerte ni Paolinne..
Bihira lng  yung lalaki na katulad ni Jamvhille…
Hayy…senti moments muna kmi… tas tulog..

nytx tumblr.. ^^ 

ORG pa.

Ayun. 3 days lang naman ang magiging bakasyon namin ngayong december. Kailangan na kasing maghanda para sa PUP Campus Hour season 5 dahil mage-air kami nationwide sa buong buwan ng January. Hays. Di ko alam kung makakasurvive ako dito. Plus pa yung mga gawain sa classroom. TV production, radio production, reporting. Huehue. Pero keri ko to. Ako pa ba. Lol. K share.

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Forever girl crush ko talaga si Vanessa Hudgens. Sobrang ganda niya kaseeeeee tapos talented pa hayyyys 

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Because I practice a lot of self-love and forgiveness, I’m like 90% pretty cool about my whole academic delay predicament. It’s fine and my education is not a race and all things in their time, right?

BUT one of the things I absolutely hate about it and just make me so sad about it is not being REALLY THERE with my best friends UUUGGGHH i want to be there at the post-exam inumans, okay :( and I want to be able to talk about those times we spent a week’s nights at coffee shops during our weddings and to our children :(( yun lang ok :(

yeah plenty of relationships to share pa and memories to relish pero OKAY HAAAY

ok :(

That unsettled feeling when you haven’t seen a post from someone you adore in a minute, and then you realize you must have brushed the unfollow button on mobile because they have totally been posting.