Long story short, I’m in trouble. My mom has lost her job that has kept us pretty stable and even though I’m supposed to have a job coming in ( and she is too ), we won’t get a check for October, and the remainder of this month. We have recently taken in two more people into our household that are paying nothing, and we plan on taking in another that’s going to work with us. But none of that is going to help. We’re not going to have money for groceries, gas, or bills, and frankly, I’m scared. I no longer have anything worth selling to get money for my family, I have practically sold everything valuable to help this family, and I’ve run out of options. Please consider helping, if nothing, just please signal boost. The GoFundMe is here, but if you do plan on donating, and don’t want to go through GoFundMe, I have a PayPal at x_vanityfair@yahoo.com. If it’s drawings or edits or whatever that you want, I will do them, just give me awhile to do them. I’m not ready to feel hungry again and wait several weeks to eat something that isn’t ramen noodles three times a day. I am incredibly thankful to anyone who signal boosts this, or donates, and if I have to, I’ll come around and thank you personally. Just help me one more last time, and hopefully, after October, I will be on smoother waters, permanently.