i don’t know why but I love bewildered looks on people.. i think it’s the eyebrows and the widened eyes.. hurhurhur i’m sucha dork -cries like a shit-

So i drew Markiplier that way.. because i can >:U

i was also trying out a new brush and style ish.. :B

Markiplier©himself (who is now in NYC and I’m cry because I would love to meet him in person for once in my life)

art and stuff©moi :U

Return || Naverett

Nate sat in his car outside of the apartment, fiddling with his phone and trying to avoid going up. He don’t know why he felt so unsure, but he had a feeling he was going to be walking on eggshells for a while. Grabbing the bag with the takeout and his backpack, Nate finally got out and headed up, knocking on the door since he’d figured he wouldn’t be needing his own anymore and had left it inside.