So far, The Creatures going to PAX P. (Confirmed by them):

  • Jordan
  • James
  • Aleks
  • Dex
  • Kevin
  • Ze

 The Creatures NOT going to PAX P. (Confirmed by them):

  • Dan
  • Sp00n
  • Sly

The Creatures unknown if going or not (No confirmation from them):

  •  Seamus

If you have any updates or fixed information, feel free to message me and/or reblog with it to help your peers!

Kpop Books I plan to write.

"How to deal with Problematic shit in Kpop"

"Kpop Lyrics that should not have made the final cut"

"From Fangirl to Saesang, A line you shouldn’t cross"

"Guess that Bulge pop up book"

"BOX, a place SM artist know all too well"

"The forgotten Groups"

"Kpop JGV Lookalike Phot oBook (Bean in the cover)"

"How to match your foundation to the actual color of your skin"

"The Greatest Kpop Post you’ll ever see"

"How not to Black face and insult other cultures for dummies"

"N****r, why you shouldn’t say it! just because it’s in a song"

"Greatest Kpop Fanfic lines"

"Is it a girl? Is it a boy? Is it Heechul?"

"EXO, how they almost died from Overdose"

"Find Kris’s random body parts"

"Everything KBS has banned"

"Don’t Fuck up, I’m rooting for you"

"Where to sell you merchandise when they fuck up"

"2014, the year of Kpop Fuckery"

"We about to have a world tour!..well not world tour meaning world tour, but world tour meaning Asia…"

"How Kpop Fucked up my Life"