story time! in my illustration class, our teacher assigned us a tour bus wrap for any performer or company we want. I chose twenty one pilots, and proceeded to pick a color scheme and graphic theme based on their imagery and logo. the image on top is my design I had spent hours on…basically the final product. the words are actual feedback I got from my teacher.

the bottom image is the one tailored to his standards….I can’t believe I didn’t see the error of my ways!!!!!! so much to learn!!!! anyways, the bottom new version is so much better do you guys like it???

Happy Birthday Kayla (equalistmako)!

I know you asked for Mako!booty, but I couldn’t resist putting Mako in one of the hotel staff uniform’s from the last episode Idk must be the new hair. He was going to be saying something along the lines of "No you can’t take a dippity dip" but I decided to spare you all my awful tablet handwriting :P Hope you like it~

frankenweeb said:

modern sbr au where gyro, johnny and (begrudgingly) diego are all roommates and have a day where they each have an hour controlling the tv remote. gyro likes watching those weird game shows where people jump through shit. diego always watches dinosaur documentaries on animal planet (johnny falls asleep on gyro's shoulder every single time). johnny has a weird fascination with soap operas & turns them on whenever it's his turn. gyro & diego both groan but gyro is ok w it bc he loves johnny.

not really accurate but