Tom Hiddleston in the 19 December edition of ES Magazine. Photographer  Amelia Troubridge.  And can I just say WOW!

Source - sort of. I pulled this from the digital edition of the 60th Anniversary Theatre Awards Souvenir Supplement that ES Magazine has published.  The ceremony itself was held in London in late November.  If you’re in the UK you should definitely track the magazine down, Gillian Anderson is on the cover.  There are some absolutely stunning photos of the nominees, winners, presenters and other attendees. 

I think I got a really good high-resolution scan.  I would appreciate a mention if you use or repost.


Tom performing with Rodney Crowell at the Wheatland Music Festival.  It really looks like a good time was had by all.  I suppose my obsession with I Saw the Light has come full circle.  It all started with Wheatland, so maybe it’s best to end that way too. 

source - Judy Sanford Gibson (Facebook)

Can I just say that I hate how Facebook has changed their search function.  It wasn’t great before the ‘enhancement’, but now it’s actually worse, much worse.  Hopefully they’ll tweak it to make better, but at the moment it truly blows.  If I hadn’t found these before they made their changes I probably never would have seen them.  And that would have been a crying shame.

your fave is problematic: tom hiddleston
  • goes a tad overboard with the dancing
  • just a bit of an optimist… just a bit
  • sings loudly in his trailer at 5am ever heard of beauty sleep thomas
  • was literally upset when told he couldn’t smile whilst in a film
  • recites poetry like he just waltzed out of lit 101 are u serious
  • house is wall to wall books what a fuckin nerd
  • speaks every damn language in the world calm down mate
  • suspiciously good at impressions… im suspicious
  • have u seen his velociraptor impression what even tom