we are stupid

sooo today at my boarding school and me and my two friends did a stupid thing

we were sitting in the great hall and watching ABC of death and we were sitting and talking about how stupid humanity was… it was about halfway through and we were like we need some popcorn and the only microwave we knew of was on a hallway that we are not permitted to be at

we were like “no one ever comes here so we can just do it” we put the popcorn in and spent some time getting it to work but eventually it did and we started talking but the popcorn got to much and they got all burned… 

we took them out and panicked they were smoking up the entire room so we thought we should stick it out the window so it would stop smoking up everything. but we also thought we should get out of there so we just threw it out the window (we then later found out that it looked as if we had set fire to the roof)

we are not smart kids!!