You know what really just pisses me the fuck off? The students here in England who treat university as one big party and just completely fuck up their education.

The loan system in England is pretty forgiving. Don’t get a job in the field you studied? No need to repay your loan. Can’t pay it back because you don’t earn enough? But why does this mean that you can waste everyone’s time with not giving 200%?

I have to pay every single pound. That’s 25,000 dollars (converted it for you all) a year for 3 years. That’s just for tuition and my flat. Don’t get me started on the rest. But my family works hard. My father has worked himself to the point that he’s sick and my mother works disregarding how tired she is from cancer. They work every single day. They pay for these 3 years in university for me because they expect me to do great things.

I don’t take anything for granted. I live a good life and in turn I work hard. Not a minute goes by that I don’t feel guilty about taking so much from my parents. But I make it up to them by doing well in university, by being a good student.Β 

And then there’s students in America, who are being used to make money off of by their own government. Students who will be in debt till after their own deaths because the amount of money required to get an education is stupidly high.Β 

Or children who can’t even have an education anywhere else in the world. Children and people who cannot even hope for what we’ve got here.

So when you’re a piece of shit wasting your education away and drinking yourself into the hospital, remember that there’s people who can’t even afford what you’re doing. Remember that there’s people who work their asses off to do what you’re wasting away.


There is a big difference here.

I don’t mean my weight (though in the first picture I was still 310+ pounds in January and the second picture was just two days ago at 250 pounds), but in the first picture I’m still kind of iffy about this whole process. I’m forcing a smile because it’s a picture and smiling makes me look happy. In the second, I know I don’t need to smile because this is serious business! I’ve come a long way and now I never intend to put a stopper on improving myself.

On another note, I can honestly say that I’m feeling healthy. No, I may not be at a weight that’s considered as such right now, but I feel much better health wise than I have in my whole entire life! Not only that, but the fact that my body is starting to function the way it’s supposed to is definitely proof that I’m on the right track!Β 

"I want to rip my bloody skin off"- alionsjaw

Literally too fucking hot in SoCal.
But this Greek boy is mighty fine.