Jace being a very sweet (and slightly confused) boyfriend/husband for anon


Jace was a good husband. He remembered anniversaries, he brought her gifts just because, he remembered that she thought roses were overhyped and preferred bright flowers. He kept track of which art brands she despised and what kind of pencils she needed for drawing.

But there were some things he would never get exactly right, no matter how long they were together. One of them was the shampoo she used. 

The other was what kind of tampons Clary wanted.

Clary tried very hard not to make him have to pick them up, because that always resulted in a painful and slightly panicked call from the feminine hygiene aisle. Like what she was dealing with now.

"Why are there so many choices?" Jace complained as he rifled through the boxes, all in pretty shades of pinks and greens and blues. "There are more tampon choices then condom choices, and there are dozens of different kinds of condoms."

Clary rolled her eyes. “I don’t need dozens. I need one box of Playtex Sport, the one with the R on it, and one box of Always Radiant Infinity, regular size.”

Jace groaned and continued searching through the boxes. “What the hell kind of name is ‘radiant infinity’ anyway? This whole business is made of bull.”

Clary stifled a small giggle, inwardly preparing herself for the rant she received every time she sent him in this particular errand.

"I mean, I’m a man. I have no insecurities about my manliness. I have no problem with picking you up your tampons. It doesn’t interfere with my ability to be a man. But why are there so many different choices? How do you even know which kind is right?"

A laugh came through the phone to him. 

"A lot of experimenting as a teenager, that’s how."

Jace grinned lecherously, digging out a not-too-dented box of tampons from the back of the shelf in victory and tossing it into the cart. “I can think of other forms of experimentation that were way more fun.”

Clary’s laugh rang through the speakers again. “Keep your ‘manliness’ in your pants and get my damn tampons, Herondale. Dinner will be ready when you get home.”

"Whatever you say, little red. See you soon."

Jace hung up and searched for a few more minutes before finally spotting the right bag in the mess of other bags. He put that in the cart too and went to pay, smiling a bit fondly and contemplating how there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his wife.