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(I’m gonna add my own word too and say ‘panther’! I loved this drabble, I think because I am in love with these illustrations I used for their tattoos. I linked them below. The panther tattoo was found on Pinterest, which of course it had no source, so I’m just saying that it isn’t mine, obviously I can’t draw worth shit. If you happen to know the source for the panther tattoo, or if it is the same as the tiger one, let me know and I’ll fix it. I hope you all like this!)

Tiger Tattoo/Illustration

Panther Tattoo/Illustration

Kagami looked at the picture in his hand, turning it this way and that, lost in thought. He didn’t notice Aomine leaning over his shoulder until the other boy spoke, his breath on Kagami’s neck.
“SHIT! Aomine!”
Aomine looked down at the red head confused, “What? I said your name like 6 times. Not my fault you’re an airhead.”
Kagami glared at the boy then redirected his gaze to the picture again.
Sighing, Aomine tapped the top of his boyfriend’s head, “Yo, Kagami. You gonna answer me or not?”
“Oh, sorry, what did you ask?”
“Baka…I asked what that is?”
Kagami handed the black and white pic to his boyfriend, turning to face him, “It’s a tattoo. Of a tiger.”
Aomine studied the pic, nodding, “This is pretty fuckin cool, Kagami. Where did you find this?”
“Somewhere online. I asked the artist and everything if I could use it, or something similar. They said no problem as long as I send them pics of the finished work.”
Aomine sat on the couch, his eyes scanning the beautiful piece of artwork. It was a tiger’s head, the drawing done in black only. The lines all flowed and blended, the tiger looking fierce yet beautiful. It had a jewel hanging from its open mouth, the lips pulled back in a snarl. Aomine loved it instantly. It would look amazing on his boyfriend’s golden tan skin.
Kagami scratched the back of his neck, his eyes looking at a second picture in his hands. Aomine and he had been dating for nearly 7 years now, neither of them drifting from the other. In fact, their relationship was amazingly strong, something that Kagami wanted to remember forever, no matter what. He fingered the second picture again, trying to find the appropriate way to ask Aomine his next question.
“Hey, Aomine?”
Aomine hummed, still studying the picture in his hands.
“You like it, the picture I mean?”
“Fuck yeah. Its epic, Kagami. Really suits you.”
“I was thinking, we could do something, to…” Kagami blushed hard, “to celebrate us being together for so long.”
Aomine looked up at the boy, noticing his shy behavior. Aomine tilted his head, waiting. Kagami wasn’t ever this shy; the image was way too cute for Aomine.
“Well…I mean, I found another pic, to match that one.”
Kagami looked up into his boyfriend’s eyes, red meeting blue, his heart beating fast. He really, really wanted Aomine to like this idea. It meant a lot to Kagami, and he hoped it would to Aomine too.
Aomine nodded slowly, “Ok…are you going to show me?”
Kagami held the other picture out, Aomine taking it and studying it. Aomine looked at the panther in his hands, the art style the same as with the tiger, just a lot more black was included. The lines flowed around each other, creating a snarling, beautiful black panther, complete with a matching jewel in it’s mouth. Aomine loved it, even more than the tiger.
Kagami scratched his head as he spoke, not sure how to express his thoughts properly, “Aomine, I thought, we could…well…we could…”
Aomine watched his boyfriend stumble over his words, the idea Kagami was saying already occurring to him. He knew the red head wanted them to get these together and it obviously meant a great deal to Kagami, as he stammered. Leaning forward, Aomine grabbed the back of his boyfriend’s neck, pulling him in and crushing their lips together, stopping the red head from speaking further.
Kagami froze in surprise for a second, but then reached up and gripped his boyfriend’s shirt, kissing him just as hard, their tongues sliding together. They kissed until they needed air, pulling back and panting.
Aomine spoke first, his voice rough with emotion, “Yes of course Taiga. I’d love to get this with you.”
Kagami let out a deep breath, his heart calming a bit. Smiling a big smile at the boy, he leaned in and kissed him again, pulling back to whisper, “Thanks Daiki.”
“Nah, no thanks needed. This is a great idea, Taiga. I love it so damn much.”
Kagami laughed, squeezing his boyfriend’s head in his arms, his excitement bubbling out. Aomine patted the red head’s arms, his voice coming out as a wheeze, “Taiga…fuck..can’t breathe here.”

*One month later* 

Aomine slid his shirt off, the sun beating down on his back. It was hot as hell on the basketball court as Kagami, Kuroko, Kise and him had gotten together to play their weekly games.
The boy turned, facing a shocked Kise and a surprised Kuroko, “Huh?”
Kise’s voice screeched as he pointed at Aomine’s back, “When did you get a tattoo?!”
Aomine smirked, his right hand going back to run over the tattoo on his back, left shoulder blade, “Oh that. About a month ago I think. Kagami, when did we get the tattoos?”
Kagami swallowed the water he was drinking, wiping the sweat from his forehead, “Huh?? Uhm yeah…a month ago about.”
Kuroko turned to his best friend, “Kagami kun, do you have one too?”
The red head grinned, pulling his shirt up and off, turning his back for the two shorter boys to see. His tattoo was in the same spot as Aomine’s, on his upper, left shoulder blade.
Kise and Kuroko studied the tattoos for a while, impressed with how well they were done and how beautiful they were.
Kuroko tilted his head slightly, questioning the two boys, “Why does Aomine kun have a tiger and you have a panther Kagami kun? Shouldn’t it be the other way around??”
Aomine and Kagami shared a grin, then shook their heads, “Nope, this is exactly how it should be.”

I love how focused these two are on each other, even at an event where they’re supposed to teach(?) kids about basketball xD

Just look at Kagamin’s face <3 And Dai-chan’s smile, aaahhhhh~

(from the ending story card of Episode 9, KnB Season 3)

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Can you imagine what would happen if Aomine showed up to play a game with everybody with the same outfit on as Kagami? Cause they do have some similar tastes according to some pictures (there's a tumblr post about this).

Oh man yeah I can totally imagine this happen - actually, I’m more than sure that at some point it becomes sort of normal occurrence, them showing up dressed up exactly in the same way but for the smallest of details

And like, the first time it happened for a bit they didn’t even notice - the two of them. Everyone was staring and gaping and they didn’t even notice, they literally didn’t notice until Aomine gave up and asked what the hell was up with everyone staring like that, and then Kise just pointed first at him and than at Kagami with a sort of wide-eyed-open-mouthed stare and Aomine went oh

and then he proceeded to make fun of Kagami because what, you like my style so much you’ve started copying it? and from there on it’s their usual fighting, in the end. 

After that it kept on happening, and people just got used to it, in the end. Actually, so used to it that it takes everyone a while to realize it when they start wearing each other’s clothes - at first they just think they both have that shirt/jacket/whatever, by now they’re pretty sure Aomine and Kagami have the exact same wardrobe, but then one day they’re all gathered to play and Kagami just gapes as he sees Aomine and goes “WHAT THE FUCK AOMINE I’ve been searching for that shirt for A MONTH when the hell did you take it give it BACK”  

(Aomine just goes, “what, now?” and Kagami yells at him that he’s a fucking idiot you know what I mean and Aomine answers you have my shorts on right now and Kagami goes well you’ve been leaving them at mines for so long they may as well be mine! and Aomine goes no they’re not and you’re also wearing my shoes and wASN’T THAT A PRESENT) (everyone else just gapes at them as if they’ve grown two heads)(well, mostly Kise and Takao)(the others by now don’t really care) (Kuroko has known for a long time by now but well he’s Kuroko)

(this answer got out of control)

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Hospital for one word Sunday??? Ehe fluffy or angsty author-san?

(Of course these needed to go together. How about teasing fluff? Paging Doctor Sexy please. Omfg I’m so cliched it’s amazing. HA! Oh and please this is an AU where Aomine and Kagami don’t know each other, until now of course.)

Aomine sat on the crinkly bed, annoyed that Satsuki had made him come to the hospital. It wasn’t a life or death situation, his elbow just hurt. No big deal. Aomine gritted his teeth as yet another nurse came in to ask him questions. Answering them as calmly as possible, Aomine just hoped this was almost over. He really didn’t like hospitals.
“Alright Aomine san, I will go ahead and grab the doctor now. Hopefully he can check your elbow quickly and you can go home soon.”
Aomine nodded. He tried straightening his arm as the nurse left, his body tight from sitting on the bed for too long. He winced as he straightened it, pain radiating from his elbow out to the rest of his arm. He was going to have to keep his face smooth if he was to get out of here soon. Letting out a big sigh he waited, checking out the machines and tools next to the bed, hearing the nurses’ talk to other patients in other beds. Aomine wished there was a clock in here, but as the curtain was pulled shut, all he could do was wait.
“Aomine Daiki?”
Aomine looked up at the deep voice, his own voice catching in his throat. A tall man in scrubs stood before him. He had dark red, spiky hair, eyes to match, and a body that couldn’t be contained by his clothes. Aomine swallowed hard, his body getting even tighter.
The doctor raised an eyebrow as he looked at Aomine expectantly, “Aomine san?”
Clearing his throat, Aomine finally opened his mouth, “Ah yeah, that’s me.Just Aomine is fine.”
Smiling softly, the doctor came forward, setting the chart on the bed next to Aomine, “Great. So you have an issue with your elbow right?”
“Yeah, just an old injury acting up, nothing to worry about.”
“Ah I see, well let’s just look anyways. Wouldn’t want all the time you waited to be wasted.”
Stepping forward, the doctor gently took Aomine’s wrist sliding his long, strong fingers up over his forearm, maneuvering the arm as he wanted. Aomine couldn’t help but stare at the man’s extremely handsome face, his skin tingling from where the doctor touched.
Grinning, the doctor looked up into his eyes, “Do I have something on my face?”
“Huh? Oh, um no. Nothing.”
The doctor gave him a smirk and went back to his arm, “Then you must just really like my face huh?”
Aomine’s eyes widened for a second, a smirk of his own coming to his lips, “Hmm yeah, seems that way.”
The doctor’s own eyes widened at his response, his throat clearing, “Oh I see.”
Aomine smirked more until the doctor straightened his arm, the pain hitting him hard, “Ah shit!”
“Sorry about that. It seems you sprained it a bit. You said this was an old injury?”
“Huh? Yeah, an old basketball injury.”
The doctor smiled more as he wrote in his chart, “Are you actually good and just played hard, or should I advise you to start playing golf instead?”
Aomine choked then laughed, his deep voice carrying, “Haaaah, nice one doc. I’m very good and I played very very hard.”
The doctor tapped his name tag on his chest, “Kagami, Kagami Taiga. And I play too so I get it.”
Aomine smiled, “You any good, Doctor Kagami?”
Kagami laughed, the deep husky sound made Aomine’s spine tingle, “Just Kagami please, and yes, very very good.”
The look Kagami gave Aomine was mostly challenge and a bit teasing, something Aomine couldn’t let go, “You sure about that? Maybe too much time in the hospital has you going soft…Kagami.”
Kagami smirked at him, finishing up his chart notes, “Oh I’m definitely sure, Aomine.”
“You should play me sometime then.”
Kagami shook his head, still smiling, “You won’t be playing for a while as of right now. You need to rest your elbow. Complete rest for a few weeks.”
Aomine frowned, and then scowled as the paper with instructions for icing properly was given to him. He didn’t notice Kagami lean in until the red head started talking.
“Come back in a few weeks though and I’ll take you up on your offer.”
With a parting smile, Kagami left the area, leaving Aomine with his mouth slightly open. He may have judged hospitals too harshly.

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Which do you think AoKa would pick: to go to the same uni so they'd see each other all the time even if they have to play on the same team or to go to diff unis so they can play against each other though they wouldn't see each other for weeks?

Yes, good, happiness and AoKa that’s what I need right now god bless you anon I’m loving you a lot ahhhh

Anyway! Were the alternatives exactly as you described them I guess they’d go for the same uni, in the end. Because it’s true, they’d be in the same team, but compared to having a match only when their teams meet and then not playing at all for months, being in the same team and having one-on-one’s every weekend (and, when they’re not too tired, during week nights)+having the whole training to play one another and mess with one another is definitely better

So yeah, in this situation they’d go for the same university.

Still, I think their ideal arrangement would be going to different universities, but being still close enough to be able to share and apartment. So they’d see each other every morning and every night, and they’d be able to have their one-on-one’s regularly, but they’d still be able to play each other in official games. And, if the universities are close enough, maybe practice matches as well

Welp. That’s what I’d call ideal, anyway. Because alright this would be super perfect, but we’re talking about the AoKa’s here. Brats, both of them. And also Kuroko’s best friends, both of them. And Kuroko sure as hell wouldn’t give up basketball at this point, and he sure as hell would attend university.

So what I’m trying to say is that if we keep in mind Kuroko’s existence they’d end up in an argument over who of the two gets to keep him this time around (you had him in high school now it’s my turn and what no way he’s MY partner go away) and the argument wouldn’t get solved and in the end they’d end up in the same team.

I mean

this is honestly the most realistic scenario I can come up with, really

(anyway they’d still share an apartment and they’d still play in the weekends and they’d still end up working greatly as a team because they know each other so well) (Tbh I love the idea of the AoKas in the same team can the next Extra Game chapter come out already)

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Bat :p

(Ohhhhh love!!! Bat means baseball right? I did it that way I hope that’s ok!! And omfg your icon. My baseball lover. Miyuki, you handsome bastard.)

Kagami jumped, smacking the basketball down, blocking his boyfriend’s shot to the hoop. Both of them landed, panting, Kagami grinning at the other boy.
“You’re getting a little slow, Aomine. Do you need a break?”
Aomine wiped sweat from his forehead, catching his breath fairly easily, “Fuck off Kagami. I’m just making it interesting. I wouldn’t want to beat you in the first five minutes like the last time.”
“What did you say, you ass?!”
Both boys started arguing, not noticing the little boy that was standing next to them now, holding their stray basketball.
The boy’s small voice came out, his face nervous as he eyed the two bigger boys, “Umm…excuse me?”
It took a few more times of speaking for the two boys to finally hear the little kid, looking down at him.
“Hey. Thanks little man. Sorry about yelling,” Kagami ruffled the boys hair, holding his hands out for the ball.
The little kid tossed it up to him, Kagami impressed with his strength. Apparently he wasn’t the only one as Aomine spoke up.
“Hey, you play basketball kid?”
“Oh, no. I play baseball,” The boy held up his glove with a ball in it and his bat that was tucked under his arm.
Aomine looked around, noticing the kid, and a basket of baseballs, were the only ones around besides Kagami and him, “Isn’t that like a 9 person thing? Where are your friends?”
The boy looked down at his bat, his eyes getting big and watery, “Um I don’t have any.”
Kagami looked at his boyfriend, the two boys sharing a similar thought, then he squatted down in front of the boy, a smile on his face, “That’s no big deal. We will play with you for a bit.”
The boy instantly smiled, looking up at them, “Really?!”
Aomine chuckled, “Yeah sure. It isn’t like Kagami is gonna win anyways.”
Kagami glared at his boyfriend, “Shut up baka.”
The three boys walked over to the grass, Aomine and Kagami both realizing they had no experience with baseball.
“So what do we do?”
The boy studied them for a moment, a very serious expression on his face. Pointing to Kagami he motioned for him to move to behind him, then he handed Aomine the bat he had.
“Ok, I’ll pitch, and you two can take turns batting,” the boy looked back at Kagami, “You have to get the ball and throw it back to me.”
Both boys chuckled at the boy’s take charge attitude, them moving into their assigned positions. Aomine stood in a position he had seen on the tv, holding the light bat up, waiting for the boy to throw the ball. Kagami had whispered to him before leaving to take it easy on the boy, although Aomine didn’t understand why Kagami thought he was going to go hard on him. He wasn’t an idiot.
Lost in his thoughts, Aomine wasn’t prepared for the ball to shoot by his hip, hitting the fence behind him. His eyes widen as he looked back at the ball then at the boy then at Kagami. He noticed Kagami’s eyebrows were shot up high in surprise as well.
“Eh sorry I wasn’t ready, go ahead again,” Aomine called out, the boy just nodded and grabbed another ball.
Aomine watched the boy turn to his side, bring his leg up, his arm back then bring his whole body down like a sling shot, the ball barreling towards him. Gripping the bat, Aomine brought his arms around, sure he would hit it, his body twisting hard. When he heard the clink of the ball against the fence behind him, he realized he hadn’t even touched the ball. Aomine narrowed his eyes at the boy who was innocently grabbing another ball and fixing his position on the grass. He completely glared at Kagami who was now laughing, trying to hide it but failing miserably.
Aomine’s voice ground out, “Again.”
The boy smiled and nodded, “Ok!”
After another ten balls or so, Aomine not hitting one, he was panting hard, trying not to throw the bat away and stomp off. He couldn’t be the child in this situation. He growled, hearing his boyfriend laughing his ass off behind the boy.
“Kagami! Why don’t you try now?”
The red head walked forward, patting the kid’s head on the way, then took the bat from his boyfriend, “Holy shit Aomine, I’ve never seen someone hit air that hard before.”
“Shut the fuck up, it’s not as easy as it looks dumbass.”
Kagami laughed again, his shoulders shaking, “Don’t worry Aomine. I won’t tell anyone you got beat by a little kid.”
Aomine growled again as he walked out to the end of the field.
Kagami took up a batting position, his position much more solid than Aomine’s.
Aomine yelled at him, “I thought you said you didn’t know how to play baka?!”
“I don’t but I lived in America for a long time. I watched I guess.”
Kagami ignored his boyfriend, holding the bat up against his right shoulder, nodding at the boy to go ahead. The next second he was still staring at the boy, seeing that his stance had changed. He looked behind him, the ball rolling to the ground.
Whispering under his breath, Kagami stared back at the boy, “Holy fuck.”
*30 minutes later*
Aomine and Kagami were panting, their hands had blisters from gripping the bat too tight, all of the boy’s baseballs were stacked in a pile behind them against the fence. Not one ball was in the field. They both couldn’t speak, their chests heaving for breath.
The boy ran up to them, smiling wide, “That was great! I got some great practice in with actual batters!! Thank you so much!”
The two older boys couldn’t get upset, the boy seemed genuine in his happiness. He ran past them and started putting the balls in his basket. When he finished he put his glove on top, hauling the basket up, and grabbing the bat from them.
“I have to go home now. Can we play again together?”
Aomine cleared his throat, “You don’t have any friends to play with kid?”
The kid shook his head, “No. They don’t like playing with me. They said it was no fun since I pitch too fast.”
“I can understand that, “Aomine mumbled under his breath, Kagami punching him in the shoulder.
The little boy continued, a huge smile on his face, “But you two are so much cooler anyways! You don’t mind my pitch cause your older!”
Aomine and Kagami both stared at the kid speechless as he ran away, waving at them. They didn’t speak as they walked back to their basketball, grabbing it and leaving the park in silence. They never told anyone that every Sunday they played with the little boy, or that they lost every single time.

  • Aomine:bruh, we are eternal rivals
  • Kagami:ok
  • Kagami:fight me
  • Aomine:I hate u so much, I will cheer for u softly from the sidelines
  • Aomine:I hate u so much, I will lend u my expensive sport shoes to win the game
  • Kagami:I hate u so much, I will cook for u like a good waifu
  • Aomine:lmao
  • Kagami:lmao

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(Sugar is sticky right??? Well, when Aomine is using it, it is!)

Kagami unlocked his door, walking into his apartment. His nose was assaulted with a sweet, yet burning smell, the scent making him cringe. Aomine must be here, and it seemed he had tried to cook something. Sighing, trying to mentally prepare himself, Kagami walked towards his kitchen. Rounding the corner, he stopped; no amount of preparation could have helped him for the scene before him. Aomine was standing in the middle of the kitchen, his shirt off, and white sugar stuck to his body. It was everywhere: the counters, the floor, the sink, the stove, and mostly, all over Aomine. Kagami couldn’t help but be impressed. Aomine’s lack of skill in the kitchen was getting to the point of being amazing.
“Um yo, Aomine.”
The blue haired boy looked up, his eyes distressed as he saw his boyfriend, “Kagami. I was just trying to make some fuckin hot chocolate.”
Kagami cleared his throat, trying not to laugh, “Ah I see.”
Reaching over he turned the stove off, moving the burned chocolate to a cold burner, the burnt smell overpowering. Putting a lid on the pot, Kagami stepped into the kitchen, his bare feet almost instantly sticking to the floor. Looking down he saw some milk mixed with the sugar, plus a few drops of chocolate here and there. As it had dried, it had created a huge, sticky walkway in his kitchen.
Kagami made his way to his boyfriend, the sound of his feet sticking and unsticking to the floor as he walked the only noise. Once he reached him, he chuckled at the look Aomine gave him. He had never seen the boy so confused and distressed before. Reaching up Kagami ran his hand through his boyfriend’s blue hair, white sugar dusted all over the strands. Moving his fingers down he tried to wipe the sugar off of Aomine’s body, but realized it was stuck to his skin, and now stuck to his fingers.
Aomine looked around the kitchen, then at his boyfriend, his blue eyes big, “I have no idea what the hell happened. I tried to open the bag of sugar and it just like…exploded. Then I was mixing the chocolate and it was bubbling too much, getting everywhere. It was fuckin hot too so I tried wiping it up and then before I knew it, the chocolate smelt really burnt.”
Kagami laughed, he couldn’t help it. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, hugging him and his sticky body close to his as his whole body shook with laughter.
Aomine mumbled grumpily into his shoulder, “It isn’t that funny dumbass.”
Kagami laughed harder, the sound infectious as Aomine was fighting a smile of his own.
Finally stopping, Kagami apologized, “Sorry, sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh Aomine. We should clean this mess up or it’s going to be stuck to my kitchen forever.”
Aomine nodded. The two boys spent the next hour cleaning up the kitchen, Kagami finally deciding that it was clean enough that he wasn’t going to attract every bug in Japan. Looking down at his clothes, he grimaced.
“I think we shoulder shower too, then I’ll clean our clothes.”
Aomine nodded, grabbing Kagami’s hand and leading him to the bathroom.
“Hey, what are you doing?? We can shower separately, Aomine.”
“Why would we do that?”
Kagami was pulled into the bathroom, Aomine shutting the door behind them. Turning he gave Kagami a slow once over, licking his lips.
“Plus, Kagami, we are both sure to taste extra sweet right now. Might as well not let all that sugar go to waste.”
Kagami licked his lips, tasting sugar on them, his heart beat getting faster as he watched Aomine stalk towards him.



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(Man, this was a tough one anon! I hadn’t done a short snippet from the Aokaga life, so here is a short and funny moment!!)

“Hey Kagami, help me with this project for school.”
Kagami looked at his boyfriend and laughed, “You want my help? That’s like one baka leading another. Not a good idea.”
“No dumbass, I just need help with this heritage lineage thingy.”
“Oh, ok cool. On the computer? Is there a website?”
Aomine handed the paper to his boyfriend, both of them sitting in front of Kagami’s computer, “You know, Satsuki said that if you trace your lineage back, some people find they come from really important lines of people and shit.”
Kagami snorted, “I don’t think that’s you Aomine.”
“Why the hell not?”
Kagami stopped and thought for a moment, going over his boyfriend’s habits, “Actually, maybe you were.”
Aomine smirked, leaning back in his chair, “Hell yes I was. I bet I came from an Emperor or something.”
Kagmai hummed in approval, pulling up the website, putting in his boyfriend’s info, “Yeah definitely.”
“Why are you agreeing so much?”
“Because anyone who is as full of themselves as you must have come from a long line of royal pains in the asses.”
Aomine punched his boyfriend in the side, “Screw you, you dick.”
Kagami laughed and patted his head, “Maybe later, I’m busy right now.”
Aomine sat back and crossed his arms, scowling as he regretted asking Kagami for any help.