[Fanacc] 140920 SS6 Seoul Day 2 - HEECHUL

During Leeteuk’s ment, Kangin said ‘you cried yesterday until now’ so beside him Heenim said ‘dont say something like that to my friend’

Heenim and Kyuhyun comparing boob size Lol XD

Heenim is so much into Elsa he acts just as much as the movie itself

Heechul showed his Anna phone case and said “Aishiteru”

Heenim sat in the ground watching the boys celebrate today’s 1위 and he said “I watch from here and we’re really like a bunch of crazy people”

Heenim talk halfway had to stop to wipe his saliva hahaha

Heechul dancing AOA song

Before recording ‘Don’t Leave Me’, Heechul went to drink alcohol to get sad mood and Hyuk saw him crying

Siwon helping Heechul off the floor and then slaps his butt

During the finger pointing dance, Shindong pointed to Hee’s chest and Hee pointed to Shindong’s down there! Wtffff

When bowing Heechul is the only one who wont do it so Siwon keeps on pushing him down lol

Hyuk almost fell coming around a corner and Heechul caught him and was like “OMGGGG!!!” Cute moment

When Heenim is singing, Hyuk just keep staring at him and smile ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ #절친

Kangin told Heechul to speak properly for his goodbye ment kkkk

Heechul was talking then Kangin and Hyuk playing with the small backpack then Heechul kicked Kangin as him to focus

Siwon gave the Elsa doll from a fan to Heechul and he read the slogan instructions in English

Heechul was trying to talk in low pitch to be serious then Kangin said don’t do it he went back to his high pitch

Heenim said we’ve the 99th show. Couldn’t expect to come to 100 times.

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