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Many pictures going around already, but I decided to use this for my FA

I have to admit that I am not a good Jongsuk fan, I mean I am the lazy style because never tried hard to go to fansigns or other events (and I feel terrible bad now about that), and I choose to go see Joonyoung instead but this time I am glad I fought for a ticket…

Ok.. said that… now about the fanmeeting. 

1) He started singing this time, I am sorry but I don’t know the song tittle, so need to read other FAs to complete the information. He was terrible nervous and of course committed many mistakes during the song that were covered by his cuteness lol I was almost waiting for more mistakes so he can show us more agyeo kkk. He continuously said 도워 T^T or “it is hot” too lol. As anecdote he said that he was practicing the song yesterday in a karaoke room. Can u guys imagine him singing the song again and again during 1-2 hours? lol … he said the owner of the place recognized him, and probably will think he is very weird lol 

2) When the girl who was MCing the event asked him if he was ready to start (he was clearly tooooo nervous to do anything) he replied 아직 T^T ”not yet”.. asdada how cute! I wanted to give him a hug and pat his shoulders. Just relax boy! everyone in here literately loves you ^^!

3) There was a section showing his charm points, and there was an entire discussion about his perfect eyelashes lol … I was like: nice! I am not the only one obsessed with his eyelashes! xD (I am being too random, sorry T0T)

3) About what he looks in a woman, he said the back neck? lol … you know girls, need to show him so neck to grab his attention ^^!

4) There was a conversation about Pinocchio too and the MC asked if he lied recently. He admitted to have lied to his personal trainer in the health club about the things he ate if I am not mistaken lol 

5) About the drama he also explained he is recently worried about his pronunciation, because is a drama about the world of reporters he is concerned about that point (probably he is receiving classes and stuff)

6) Another “charm point” were his lips (duh, of course), and he totally agreed with that lol it was funny to listen direct from him, admitting it so freely and with so much confidence lol He also said depending on the condition of his lips he sometimes use some tint or not. Today his lips were in the best conditions, so he just used balm :D … 

7) He admitted to be progressing in his anxiety problem in front of many people. He still worries a lot during press conferences or such were he has to speak in public and try to be eloquent but is getting better :D

8) He kept saying he is eating too much these days and even going to gym is not much help lol … he said he normally doesn’t surpass the 70kg, but now he is 71 or 72 (you are totally fine tho ¬¬). He is obviously unhappy with his current figure and keep complaining about it. Then the pictures of his perfect abdomen for Ceci magazine was shown in the screen and he praised himself kkk he said that was the best or peak of his figure xD . He said he is training hard again~

9) When he was asked about what he likes about himself (physically) (매력이 있는) he replied his mole near the eye. He said it finds it sexy (야해 ㅋㅋㅋ). You are right… 

10) The official name of his fanclub was chosen during the FM. Three names were previously selected and fans voted for one. But initially he had to choose one and he selected "Kantapia" kkk that is a word (no meaning known) said by one character in Dooli (둘리), so related with his nickname Ddochi (또치). He explained that the people from his staff kinda rejected the name because it was kinda funny (not serious and kinda laughable) kkk so he decided to make the popular vote with fans. At the end "WithJS" won. 

10) Maybe everyone has enough about FA talking about WooBin appearance during the FM but still… T^T… how can I not mention it… 
Out of nothing the song ‘Appear (나타나)" from Secret Garden OST started playing and everyone, including myself, Jongsuk and the MC girl were like wtf.  I thought maybe Yoon Sang Hyun is here? lol But a few seconds passed and nobody appeared then I thought it was another staff mistake because during the FM there were actually many mistakes, specially in the background videos and camera in the big screens in the back. Apparently even the MC didn’t know what was happening because she insisted in ignoring and continue with the next section. … but suddenly no other but Kim Woo Bin’s voice came out of the nothing. He appeared and all the average screams were like wooouu thousand times increased. Their hug was so cute, so friendly and kinda desperate? like hugging someone you haven’t seen in years. I was utterly touched and started crying stupidly and then I realized that Jongsuk was crying too. He looked emotional, kinda sad and happy… can’t describe it correctly. Woobin looked kind of heartbroken too and lend some tissues to Jongsuk so he can dry his tears. My heart was aching so much ;A; … THEY ARE PERFECT.. the perfect friends. I love them and I love Woobin for being the friends who is always with him. The MC asked Woobin to say something be he said Jongsuk will keep crying if he does kk… he was right. It was like Jongsuk couldn’t believe Woobin was really there, and he kept keeping contact with him (bring all the skinship bb -nose blood-). Woobin said it was the 1st time he saw him cry aside from acting… I don’t know but somehow I loved those words. Sounded like a Jongbin fanfic for me~ … Woobin said what Jongsuk mentioned before during the FM, that they contact each other a lot and regularly, but bcs of schedule they can’t really meet. I am glad is like that… please be always friends with Jongsuk. I always knew it, but today I lively realized how important you are for Jongsuk. But what broke my heart was that probably part of Jongsuk’s tears were not just happy tears, he said he felt actually very apologetic towards Woobin, because he didn’t do the same for his birthday. He actually forgot the day of his birthday and just contacted him after the date. So he felt extremely sorry for not doing for Woobin the same he did today…. my second river of tears came when he explained that… 

11) Many questions from fans about DS were asked to him and he made his comments about it. Someone asked about “Tell me” dance, and he explained he learned it from a friend. He also put his shyness aside and actually showed the dance to us lol

12) Another question was about the word “Megaton” that he likes so much. He didn’t want to explain the real reason first because is too childish, but at the end he said the word came from a old game that he used to play, Poketmonster… pokemon kkk… 

13) Continuing about DS, someone asked if his trademark, the infamous wink kk the question was if it was scripted or it was his idea and he said it was basically his idea, although sometimes it was also in the script. He did the wink twice for us kkk 

14) He talked a lot about food, he enjoys spicy food and sweets. About the sweets he explained he really likes sweet chocolate but doesn’t enjoy that much the cookies. I know not what should I bring as a present for him next time :p

15) fans sang for him the song he sang before in a fanmeeting “사랑해도 될까요” and he exploded in tears once more T^T 

Ok…. that is all it comes to my mind right now. Hope is not to boring and didn’t make some mistakes :p … I am not korean so you know.. I always can epic fail in getting some conversation wrong :D … my apologies in advance if that happens. 

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[Sept.14.2014] - Lee Jong Suk FM In Seoul (Video 5)

Jong Suk & KWB (sukii Crying) 

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