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Fucking dreams.
  • So i just woke up from one of the most fucked up dreams ever!! So. In order of memorableness this is the people that were there and what they were doing.
  • Lana Parrilla:she was drunk and yelling really nice things at people aggressively in spanish.
  • She also convinced me to carry her around everywhere and stuck her dress together with a whitening strip so no one saw her panties.
  • Kate Winslet:made a sand castle out of sand and caramel fudge. (i don't even know why the fuck she was in my dream!)
  • Jennifer Morrison:kept running around and hiding behind trees whilst insisting that she was a ninja turtle and that we all needed to call her Donatello.
  • Angie Harmon:was actually a lesbian and her girlfriend wouldn't stop kissing her top. Literally her top! Not her boobs or anything, just her top!
  • Sasha Alexander:she was pregnant and her husband kept talking to the baby (Bella) while she just rolled her eyes and gazed longingly at Angie (because she's a lesbian at heart).
  • Ginny Goodwin:was standing at the top of the slide with a sherbet stick, yelling "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" at anyone who came near the slide.
  • Barbra Hershey:kept magically appearing everywhere and stole Ginny's sherbet stick, throwing it to the ground and yelling, "YOU'VE BEEN CORA'D BITCH!"
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar:skinny dipping alone but had the persona of a three year old and insisted that floaties were for babies. She got eaten by a shark.
  • Random crap that happened:a group of girls just randomly started sobbing and stumbling around because they'd heard 'i dream a dream'.
  • I had a 'ninja-off' with Gabrielle Christian over Mandy Musgrave's heart. (sadly enough Gabrielle one... )
  • My best friend decided that she and Golum needed to have a heart-to-heart about all this possessive behavior.
  • Is it just me or did i dream tumblr?!

Bette Midler - I think it’s gonna rain today. (Beaches)

I'm back to writing my rants

This one isn’t really a rant though, but you know what I mean.  Like always, things aren’t going to be in order just as the ideas come to me and I apologize if I mess anything up or I’m off in some things.

First of all, I don’t really understand why Belle was so bitch crazy in the beginning.  Mr. Gold was just sitting there with her and healed her.  I know he’s old, but he didn’t look that bad.  I could understand her being frightened if he looked like Rumple, but he looked like a normal guy.  For all she knew he could have been a good samaritan helping her out.  When the cup broke…wow that was sad.  I see why Belle did it though.  Gold was pushing too hard.  In that instance, I get why she freaked.  I feel like he didn’t stop because he just couldn’t wrap around the idea that magic of the cup wasn’t bringing her memory back. 

Hook.  He is very attractive, but other than that, I just hate him.  Unless he gets bashed in the head and gets a new personality and moral system, I don’t want him to be with Emma.  I like how Emma like didn’t care about him.  Good for her.  He’s like lying there laughing about hurting Rumple.  If I were Emma, I would have stepped on his ribs (I probably wouldn’t have because I’m more like Snow in personality), but an alternate badass version of me would have.  I would take his hook, beat him with it, then break it in front of him.  How stupid is he asking for it back.  What a dumbass and why he is like out in the open like that.  I’m not sure the handcuffs will be able to hold him.

Cora.  I hate Cora so much that every time she’s on I consider it a wate of screen time.  I was so excited when Henry came to Regina and then it turned out to be her I was so angry.  I hate her so much.  Then Regina was bieng hardcore, but of course, like always she cracked.  I know that deep down a lot of times the person just wnats approval or love from the parent, but seriously Regina.  You saw that being powerful and basically making Henry come to you didn’t work so why do you think that partnering with mother-of-the-year will help you?  Think of Daniel. 

Frankenstein backstory: His brother was so sweet (and so handsome).  His dad was an ass (and the acting was a little off to me).  I was really worried that Viktor was going to kill his brother in like an angry fight and, although I was really sad he died, I’m happy that didn’t happen.  I was so hoping for some sasy hatter to make an appearnace, but Sebastian Stan’s off being all handsome and talented on Broadway so who knows when we’ll see that gorgeous crazy bastard again.  I was upset when his brother killed his dad though.  I feel like we did see Viktor’s good side when he wouldn’t kill his brother.  I wonder what happened to his brother if he didn’t kill him.  Is he running round somewhere?

The outsider:  So, I heard a spoiler that some person named Bennet was coming and people thought that was the outside, but now…did they say his name was Greg Mendel, like Gregor Mendel, the man who discovered the basics of genetics?  Was that just for kicks or will that come into play later?  He seemed like a nice enough guy.  I’m a little eh about his call to “her."  I just feel like any "normal” person from our world if they saw anything, they would chalk it up to a hallucination.  I mean Gold had like a magic ball of fire looking thing right?  He didn’t even have it that long before Greg crashed into Hook.  I just don’t know.  I’m thinking that maybe he’s talking about something else or he has more of an agenda going on.

I liked this episode took because it had a lot of cute funny moments.  I liked taht the Charmings wanted to save Greg.  I felt like it would have been severely out of charcater if they didn’t.  I like that Snow and Red wanted to tell Greg’s “her” that he was alright.  Leroy was a little bit of an ass, but he was funny, especially with laughing about Doc doing surgery.

Now onto Doctor Whale….

So, one dirnking on the job is bad news, Whale.  Inexcusable.  Then, when he disappeared, I just thought he was going to run away and  jump the town lines.  Then I saw him at the water and I was like =0!!!!!!!  I thought he was going in and Ruby would jump in after him.  I forgot she was super fast.  I had been hearing about RedWhale and FrankenWolf and at first I thought that was it.  I’m glad they talked. “I ate my boyfriend.” That was funny, but I don’t know, I feel like that should have been a bit more emotional about that because she loved Peter so much, but hey.  I feel like the fact that Whale said, “I was a bad guy,” is grounds for the writers to have a relationship brewing.  My conclusion is that, I don’t think the interactions they’ve had make it like a definite relationship that will happen, but I ship it.  They’re cute.  As long as Whale stops skeezing (he can leave that to Hook), I liked it.

Gold’s last comment about killing everyone was funny. 

Thoughts for next episode:

Holy crap I don’t want to wait three weeks.

I don’t like the giant

I don’t understand why Hook is out and in his fairytale garb.  I would have let him in that emasculating bathrobe without his Hook. 

I feel like re-explaning stuff to Belle is going to be tedious and I’m not really looking forwrad to it.

Mr. Gold trying to look normal in NYC should be funny.

I want to see August and Bae and Jefferson.

I want to see more Ruby and Whale.

Where is Nova (well she’s probably off being Root for Person of Interest) and why have she and grumpy not reunited.  Where are the other secondary characters?

I want to find out more about Greg

I want Whale’s borther to come back.  He was sweet (and very handsome)


I thought it was funny that henry knew Frankenstein was the Dr. and not the monster since he’s so young and a lot of people make that mistake.

Who else is in Stoybrooke from different worlds?

I havent really heard Ethan Embry talk out of his Bobby-Ray voice and it’s wierd when he doesn’t have a southern accent, but he’ still cute and I still love him.

Cora and Gold kiss gave me all kinds of creeps.  When she was all, “Like we used to…"  Niyah (add heebie jeebie shakes and flails)  So did they have a thing?  Ick. 

I want to hear everything! What were your thoughts?