Hi guys! Friendly reminder that if you want to participate in the Suikoden or Persona 20th anniversary fanbooks (don’t forget we also have Brokeback Tartarus, the Persona yaoi one) you should be deciding it already… so keep in touch and stay tuned, as soon as the forums are mostly ready, I will update the information for each fanbook.

… and the forums is why I am writing this post. I am struggling big time trying to administrate the forums and fanbooks alone. I just can’t, and it’s almost June already… we need the artists and writers to start working already (should had started months ago actually) but they CAN’T because I am never finished writing all the instructions necessary, or managing the forums, or replying to people’s questions, etc. And I can’t write faster or longer because of the tendinitis.

I need help with this, but I don’t want you to work for free, so I offer you the fanbook of your choice for free + some merchandise if you help as admin for the months necessary to finish that fanbook! And if you stick around and keep helping managing the rest of the projects, I’ll absolutely offer more freebies, probably some of the other books too if they interest you.

The forums are locked to the general audience. Being an admin it’s not just accepting people’s applicances to join the boards, writing admins posts and stuff… the fun advantage of being an admin is being able to see what the artists and writers are working on (their sketches, storyboards, etc.) and even opining on them and beta reading. You can even give ideas for those who don’t know what to draw or how to continue their story, and you can make request for the whistlist (a list I created to make sure the fanbooks don’t have too much of 1 character and nothing of others you will like to see). As you see, you will probably have fun as an admin even if you can’t draw or write, even if you have to do some boring work sometimes. You will be one of us and you will be able to participate in everything, not just the administration.

There are, of course, a couple of requirements you need to meet:

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