petaldance asked:

Your brother is precious. tell him i wanna snuggle him and keep him in my pocket

Awwhhh I will tell him as soon as he wakes up lovely! ^-^ He will be over the moon! He is most likely small enough to fit! hehee :} <333

i dont think im gonna continue with my kawaii blog

so i guess amanda; you can unfollow it if you want

but im gonna keep it just in case :p

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1 and 13 c:

1. The meaning behind my URL

It’s a part of one of my favorite songs.

Bullet by Hollywood Undead

"A stomach full of pills didn’t work again
I’ll put a bullet in my head and I’m
Gone, gone, gone, gone”

13. Life goal(s)

Lets see…
I want to travel the world, but mostly just in the U.S. like I wanna have an adventure just living in the car or in motels see all of America with the love of my life <3
I want to meet my heroes/favorite celebrites.
Finish high school.
Meet my tumblr friends c:
… i cant think of any more, so there you go!

ps - i luuv u

petaldance asked:

omg i love your teeth they are so perfectly straight :c

<3 <3 :D :D Omg thankyouuuu! I usually don’t smile because i don’t like them but this has made me very smiley! I will hide them less now! :} <3

New theme thanks to p3taldance!

Okay, so my dear friend Amanda changed my html and theme for me! Thank-you so much! You should all go check her blog out, It’s great (: 


And once again thank-you.