The REAL Peter Doherty

(not the one that media created to make money out of naive people)

its worth your time, i promise you.

Rainbows And Earthworms (lyrics)

I don’t want to live through winter
I can’t stand to see everything ending
I’ll be in the meadow
I’ll be taken by sunbeams, so goodbye

here isn’t much a thing i need
a silent soul and the blood i bleed
and with a little girl, and by my spouse
who only wants a proper house

while you are away
my heart comes undone
slowly unravels
in a ball of yarn
devil collects it, with a grin
our love, in a ball of yarn
never returning, when you come back
we’ll have to make new love
and carefully

new year’s resolutions

accidently bump into p33t while im in paris. drop my pile of books in the snow, he offers to dry them by his open fire and we drink gin in teacups in his parisien apartment then make out  . …….


  • learn drumz gud
  • do more art classes n get portfolio together
  • exercise more
  • research/ educate self on absolutely anything i’d like to know more about. (make zine about it)
  • get better at french
  • get a job that doesn’t make me wanna die (NO MORE HOSPITALITY) pay back $$$
  • in june graduate like a bada$$ mofo (throw hat in air)
  • save $$$ and travel
  • SEE THE LIBS (uhhh maybe)


  • ORGANISE GIGS: red rat, jitterfest #2, up da bracket
  • parisien/berlin tapes 
  • EP w jenny 
  • collab with rinkomekas 
  • next piss factory EP on cassette
  • record hickeys EP (get better @ recording)
  • press 7”
  • hickeys tour 


art stuff

  • pinhole cameras
  • take more photos
  • learn how to make own stickers
  • mural?
  • make own clothes / contribute less to capitalism
She thats Carlos
  • She thats Carlos
  • Peter Doherty

"Well, mournful ballad. Then comes a little story, when she wakes up in the morning, she that’s Carlos, she writes down all her dreams…”

-Peter about “What a Waster”


Pete Doherty and Carl Barat - The Libertines 2014 

It’s summer time and I hang on a vine
They’re gonna make me into sweet red wine  *dancing*

I had Pandy with me always, everywhere I went. And when we split up, Kate burnt it. How can you do that, what kind of sick fuck does that?
—  Peter Doherty about his teddy Pandy.
All he has to do is come and talk to me. If he came round and said: stop taking smack, stop taking crack, I’d do it. I’d do anything he wanted.
—  peter (2004)