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Daily Halloween Donut - “The Walken Dead” by P0YKPAC

Paste Magazine brought my attention to this yesterday and I almost posted it right then…then I thought, “why don’t I just save it for an extra awesome donut tomorrow?”  So here it is.  If you love zombies.  If you love Christopher Walken.  If you love The Walking Dead.  If you love amazing spoofs.  If you love quoting random movie lines.  If you love YouTube.  If you love Halloween.  If you love death and destruction.  If you love my blog.  If you love J Dilla.  Then watch this video because “this one’s for all the marbles, boys.”

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The Holy Gospel of the Easter Rabbit (by P0YKPAC)

Oh wow, I did not expect to love this. P0YKPAC has been passing this video around on its third anniversary. Good call.

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The Walken Dead.

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This needs 10 million more views than it has. 

From the “golden age of internet sketch comedy” (my own description I just invented) circa 2007, indulge in the sensual absurdity of Veronique.

"I met a triangle who told me that God mostly says… sssshhh…"