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"Colette and Beau" Chapter 2 Summary

Just a quick summary to wrap things up, before I do a small time jump. I feel like this is the logical point to end this part-season, so if you missed something or just a bit lost in the plot, here you go…

- After celebrating Christmas in small cozy family circle, Beau thinks that life can’t get any better, however very soon he has to find out, that living a dream is not as easy as he expected.
- Colette’s struggling to keep everything in hand. Work is piling up with incredible pace. Emperor William prepares for the war, but not everyone seems to share his enthusiasm.
- Colette attends War Council meeting, where she tries to prove that Sebastien Lafaille, one of Emperor’s trustworthy generals, is actually a traitor and a threat to the crown. However he manages to convince William to give him another chance, revealing the fact that Colette and Prince Ferdinand used to have an intimate relationship.
- Angry Emperor sends both Colette and Sebastien to Ottoman Empire to rescue monsieur Darche, an ambassador, captured by the sultan’s forces.
- Beau tries to convince Colette to stay, but she as always refuses to listen and goes to Damietta with Sebastien. During the operation they get ambushed by Ottoman soldiers and Lafaille leaves her behind, sure that she has no chances to survive.
- Colette gets back to Paris on her own. Her father and Beau find her at the hospital, where Beau finally realizes how much she means to him.
- Eve meets Samantha, Beaumont’s mother and brings her to Paris to meet Colette.
- Meanwhile, Letty’s out of the hospital, she buys Beau a brand new house, much more luxurious than the one they had before.
- Colette meets Sam and to Beau’s horror both seem to get along pretty well. Colette tells Sam that from now she can live with her sister, while Beau’s realizing that he fell in love with a woman that looks just like his own mother, who he always hated for making his father leave.
- Colette tells Beau that the wedding has to be delayed, because William’s rushing to start war and they both have to be there.
- Duncan, Colette’s ‘right hand’ comes back from the Otherworld to reveal sad news about failed mission, that led to death of many people. Colette convinces him that it’s not his, but her fault and shares her worries about her love life.
- Duncan helps Beau prepare for the upcoming war and shares a few secrets about Colette along the way.However Beau still feels confused, he’s not excited about the war and he concerned that he’s not good enough and that Colette doesn’t fully trust him. He’s lost in his own feelings and emotions.
- Colette meets Hermann, older brother of Prince Ferdinand, another candidate for an Austrian throne who wants her help with the matter. He offers her to declare Beaumont his bastard son in exchange for her loyalty.
- Beau is not happy to receive the news, he’s scared, he feels that everything’s going way too fast. He and Colette get in a fight, during which she tells him that they have only ten years of life to enjoy together. Beau is completely shocked by the news, but tries his best not to show it. Meanwhile Lafaille and few other members of the War Council are trying to find a way to get rid of Colette, Emperor William makes an agreement with Hermann and the war is just about to start…

And this dramatic scene would be the end of the ‘season’. Next chapter will starts already on the front lines…