I miss Panther Camp so much!...Here is my rant about it <3

Seeing all the Facebook posts from the new facilitators and I’m so happy for them! I’ve told all the freshman I know about Panther Camp, how important it is to go, and how it’s changed my entire college experience. I was sad that I didn’t make it this year but I’m not going to stop trying because of how much I love it and how I want to help.

My Bravo family is the best ever. Bravos from the first session are just as close to me as the ones from mine. I hang out with them all the time, I call them my brothers or sisters…heck even my SK sister Sho (currently a facilitator) makes jokes about how I have a shrine for Panther Camp >.< lolol…-I don’t….*cough* haha!- Don’t even get me started on my bomb.com facilitators! They are the best of the best <3

P.R.I.D.E all day everyday. If you are going to be a freshman at FIU, I suggest two things:

1) Go to Orientation and stay overnight. Get to know everyone, talk to your Peer Advisor, absorb everything and all the fun you’ll experience.

2) Go to Panther Camp. You think that you won’t make friends and that you won’t have as strong as a bond with people…well you WILL. It’s magic, seriously. Unexplainable but you will have a family that will have your back going into FIU.



So I am going on a girls trip to Atlanta with a few girls (and an old lady) lol.. The purpose of this mini-vaca is to go see a live taping of Tyler Perry’s new play “I Don’t Wanna Do Wrong”. I hope that this play is full of drama and singing (LMAO). I don’t get why i am so infatuated with movies and plays surrounded in gospel singing, etc and Im not a 100% Christian (if that makes any sense) *shrugs shoulders*. So I’m really excited about this but the down side of this trip is that its P.R.I.D.E Weekend in Atlanta (*blank stare*)… im sure this subject is sure to ruffle a few feathers but in all actuality I am totally secure in myself but what is the point in having a weekend to celebrate something that is not favorable in God’s eyes. {BUT WHO AM I TO JUDGE}

Ill be back on Saturday to give a review on the play..

Be Blessed and Stay Beautiful