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facts about me that I do not share bc I will get unfollowed

- I LIKE p!atd and paramore but I dont LOVE p!atd and paramore

- im doing this now because I don’t give a shit its my blog.

- please dont leave me though because i love you.

- its because they are just not my preferred sound y’know?? I respect them, and I like a few songs, they just don’t have the sound I enjoy, and I think it doesn’t matter what group you are in or who you are, if you are not comfortable listening to a certain band because they don’t make you feel as amazing as the last did, people should respect that. I personally HATE 5sos’s music, but I don’t attack the person who likes their music, because im not the one listening to it, and I should respect them. 

I grew up listening to AC/DC, iron maiden, Duran Duran, Metallica, David Bowie, Etta James, ray charles..ect, because thats what my parents listened to, and I know that your taste of music carry’s from your parents, and music that is heavier, darker, faster, but with allot of heart and effort put into it is something that makes  me feel comfortable with myself, so bands like Misfits, MCR, Iron maiden, radiohead, Green Day..ect make me feel happy and comforted just like Pulp, the smiths and david bowie makes me calm and secure. 

there is bands out there like, all time low, pierce the veil, The red jumpsuit apparatus, bullet for my valentine, sleeping with sirens, Jimmy eat world and many others that i’m sure most of you love, but It never..did it for me. They were bands I really respect, and I understand why people love them, but they never really did it for me. There is only a small handful of “emo” or pop punk bands I actually really love (fall out boy being an example and blink-182).

I’m probably going to receive anon hate(which I get quite a bit) about this and im going to be called a “poser”, which is bull shit because I NEVER said I was Emo, punk, pop-punk or whatever, mainly because I DONT CARE, so you cant really call me a “poser” when i said nothing or did nothing of any kind that I could be classified as one. 

I’m saying this just to explain myself a bit more to you guys, because I want you to get to know me and I want to get to know you. 

Its just a matter of taste, I like stuff a little more with a dark or a punk element to it or with a brit pop flare. same as some like more pop to their punk or more punk to their pop. Its just a matter of what makes them comfortable. I hope you guys understand what i’m heading towards this.

If you are comfortable listening or not listening to a certain band, dont take shit from what anyone else says, because its your listening, not theirs.

xo, Jay.

anonymous said:

I'm sorry that Cobra Starship pulled a Brendon Urie and the Replacements (my name for P!ATD)

FCUK oh my go d


Don’t even try to tell me this isn’t perfect