claireroses asked:

2,7,13 and 10 on Tales of ask^^Of course random^^

…names you can’t spell correctly to save your life?
1. Luke Von Fabre (I had to google it for this XD)
2. Hisui Hearts (I always screw up his name ><)
3. Poisson (I tend to forget the second s)
4. Fourier
5. Jiao (I mix up the i and a)

…vacation spots?
1. The pool in Graces f
Ah, I can’t think of any more ><

…artes you would like to be able to use in real life?
1. Anything Pascal does
2. Any healing artes
3. Anything Ludger does in chromatus form (so cool!)
4. Malik’s bladerang artes
5. Kohaku’s artes because her style is super cool

…characters that need their hair restyled immediately?
1. Hubert Ozwell
2. Chalcedony Akerman
3. Rideaux Zek Rugievit
4. Agria
5. Emeraude

Thank you Elle-chan ^^