Oh hey, I just noticed that this book lists heights and weights for the Childhood Arc! Excellent. Since the scans didn’t turn out very well (the book literally looks like a bible or a dictionary and is just as thick, hence the name), I’ll list them below. I’m not sure if they’ve been posted elsewhere online, but I remember trying to look up bitty Asbel’s stats once for RP and not being able to find them.

Asbel Lhant
Age: 11
Height: 145 cm (approx. 4'9")
Weight: 38 kg (approx. 84 lbs)

Hubert Lhant
Age: 10
Height: 138 cm (approx. 4'6")
Weight: 34 kg (approx. 75 lbs)

Age: ???
Height: 148 cm (approx. 4'10")
Weight: 39 kg (approx. 86 lbs)

Cheria Barnes
Age: 11
Height: 146 cm (approx. 4'9")
Weight: 39 kg (aprox. 86 lbs)

Age: 12
Height: 152 cm (approx. 5'0")
Weight: 45 kg (approx. 99 lbs)

Source: Tales of 15th Anniversary: Tales of Encyclopedia 1995-2011 (Enterbrain)