Kile Ozier tells his tale of being incarcerated for one very long weekend in the Los Angeles County Jail.

On the morning I was to go to the courthouse and report for jail, I got up, showered, dressed in my baggiest chinos and sweatshirt, and did not put in my contact lenses. I wanted to be as self-contained and independent as possible. Bob, my lawyer, had said that I would be placed with the other white-collar guys who were in for the same reasons and not to worry.



“There was this big hole. There were no black images of dignity, of beautiful black people. So, I tried to fill it. But that’s not what I wanted to do. What I wanted to do was to find within the black community, itself – I was looking for humanity. I was looking for people– these are people. Before they’re black, they’re people.”

Be sure to join us at Visually Speaking: Roy DeCarava with Sherry Turner DeCarava and photojournalist Ozier Muhammad as they discuss the life and work of the influential artist, Roy DeCarava on April 21st.

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2 days til the release of #ReadyToRoll with Track #10 “Congo Square” feat:

Tony Ozier: Keys + Bass
Reinhardt Melz: Drums + Percussion

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 After the release of the lead single Peace + Love alongside Tony Ozier and jazz singer/musician Jarrod Lawson, Mr. Farnell Newton is now ready to delight your ears with his 5 stars album titled Ready To Roll.

Five instrumentals and six collaborations for an excellent and quality project with a line up that includes: music producer Brandon Crumbly (we exposed his talent on three r&b selections: Mo Rhythm,Stay Mellow Vol.6 and R&B Vibez),Portland soul/jazz songstress Ashley Jayy,Shannon Soderlund (check out her soundcloud),Tony Ozier,Jarrod Lawson.

Our genuine praise to Farnell Newton and all artists involved in the project for the consistent and elegant musical journey hanging in the balance between jazz and soul.

As super-tasteful appetizer we heartily recommend the tune titled Human Race.

It’s a touching,charming and smooth collaboration between Farnell , South Carolina talented singer Cleveland P.Jones ( he appeared on two jazz selections: North Of The Sunset and Songs In A Mellow Mood) and the magic touch of Brooklyn bona-fide producer Ahmed Sirour (he appeared on Marvin Gaye Re-Works).

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse by Lily hollbrook
Illuminated by Hurts
End transmission by A.F.I.
Adiemus by Karl Jenkins
Cherry Wine by ozier
Carry on my wayward son by Kansas
Jessabel by Iron & Wine
Silver and Cold by A.F.I.
Grenade by Bruno Mars
Soul Sister by Bruno Mars (?)

The Doors
Led Zeppelin?
The Doors?
Avenged Sevenwolf?
The Beatles?

Delilah by Tom Jones?

Looking forward to the release of #ReadyToRoll Tomorrow………..Tuesday. It has been a lot of hard work and I couldn’t have done it without my business partner and homie Dookie Green aka Tony Ozier, my musical circle #ItTakesAVillage and without the support of my beautiful wife Zapoura Newton-Calvert.

Make sure you head to wherever you buy music online and get #ReadyToRoll or you can order a digital/physical copy here at: www.farnellnewton.bandcamp.com

Atlanta Records Ropeadope Records

Thank You Everyone that was a part of this recording.
Donyea Goodman
Alex Milsted
Brandon Crumbly
Ashley Jayy aka Ashley Seamster
Kyle Molitor
Marquay Seamster
SharpEye Sarpay Özçağatay
Chance Hayden
James Shelton
Tyrone Hendrix
Shannon Noël Söderlund
Steven Rogers
Jon Shaw
Campbell Youngblood-Petersen
Jarrod Lawson
Will Birckhead
Skerik Sin Carne
Pete James
Reinhardt Wolfgang Melz
Ahmed Sirour (MUSIC)
Cleveland P. Jones

Jon Smeltz: Mixing
Dana White: Specialized Mastering
Sharon Thomas: Photographer (at Ready to Roll)


Tony Ozier - 36 Flavors