Kile Ozier tells his tale of being incarcerated for one very long weekend in the Los Angeles County Jail.

On the morning I was to go to the courthouse and report for jail, I got up, showered, dressed in my baggiest chinos and sweatshirt, and did not put in my contact lenses. I wanted to be as self-contained and independent as possible. Bob, my lawyer, had said that I would be placed with the other white-collar guys who were in for the same reasons and not to worry.



Farnell Newton “Peace+Love” (feat. Jarrod Lawson & Tony Ozier)

Con una extraña danza, Hozier estrena el videoclip de ‘Work Song’

Con una extraña danza, Hozier estrena el videoclip de ‘Work Song’

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ozier ha estrenado el vídeo de Work Song. Dirigido por Isaac Ravishankara, el cantante irlandés sale ofreciendo una interpretación intimista frente a un grupo de parejas que baila el tema.

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Work Song es el segundo single internacional extraído de su álbum debut homónimo, ya a la venta, tras el éxito de ‘Take Me To…

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