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1. Blank Space By Taylor Swift

2. I Lived By One Rebublic

3. Immortal By Fall Out Boy

4. The Only Reason By 5sos

5. 18 By One Direction

6. Angel With A Shotgun By The Cab

7. Bloodstream By Ed Sheeran

8. Take me To Church By Hozier

9. Summertime Sadness By Lana Del Rey

10. Be Somebody By Thousand Foot Krutch

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Kile Ozier tells his tale of being incarcerated for one very long weekend in the Los Angeles County Jail.

On the morning I was to go to the courthouse and report for jail, I got up, showered, dressed in my baggiest chinos and sweatshirt, and did not put in my contact lenses. I wanted to be as self-contained and independent as possible. Bob, my lawyer, had said that I would be placed with the other white-collar guys who were in for the same reasons and not to worry.


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"I know that you hate this place"

Hozier Lyrics Starter Sentences

          ❝ doesn’t every teenager ? ❞

   small smile rests on his lips, it’s not happiness that resides in the smile but instinct, people don’t ask questions about how you really feel when he smiles. they usually just allow him to brush the question off if he doesn’t seem phased by it.

    though it frightening for him to know people sense the unhappiness that the school grounds bring him, most judge him & almost all of the rest despise him, it’s most definetly not his favourite place to be but he promised his aunt he’d finish school even if it meant putting up with constant anxiety & bullying.

     long pale fingers fiddle with the edge of the science text book before he finishes glances back over at the question sheet.

          ❝ what’d you get for 6? ❞

No. 5 Duke defeats Pittsburgh 79-65

(Photo: AP Photo/Ellen Ozier)

The No. 5 Duke Blue Devils hold off a late run by Pittsburgh to win 79-65 in Cameron on Monday. Duke, coming off a win over then-No. 6 Louisville, was able to carry the momentum into this game and out-gun the Panthers. The win puts Coach K at win number 999, now only one away from the much-anticipated number 1,000.

Tyus Jones is officially back. Jones had a huge game…

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Looking forward to all of you to hear the new record “ReadyToRoll” on @atlantagotsoul @ropeadope @soulandjazz

Feat. Bootsy Collins, Jarrod Lawson, Skerik, Tony Ozier, Alex Milsted, Steveland Swatkins, Kyle Molitor, Michal Angela Wilson, Ashley Jayy, Saeeda Wright, and so many more.

(at Atlanta Records)

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' what caused the wound? '

Hozier Lyrics Starter Sentences

          ❝ does it matter ? ❞

   no explanation is offered, the would in his side is larger than safe & it’s from a rusty nail but a boy with such a complex that he shouldn’t tattle on others or they’ll hurt him again. though, he hasn’t seemed to notice the pattern that when he doesn’t reveal the person, they seem to always come back & injure him again.

          ❝         do you think it’ll get infected ? ❞

        infections he’s noticed usually cause more pain than the original wound. long fingers run through his hair in frustration, he just wishes he didn’t require assistance all the time, but his bodies constant stream of injuries seemed to need it.

                 ❝ can you fix it ? ❞


TONIGHT IN PORTLAND - BROKEBOYSYNDROME ALBUM RELEASE PARTY AT HOLOCENE WITH @illmaculatesp @thaddeusdavid @verbzthekid @bamb00banga + as a hometown surprise Dennis Dove on drums, Tony Ozier on bass, and Farnell Newton on trumpet for my set! TONIGHT is going to be the first classic show for PDX in 2015, make sure you slide through if you’re in town - doors at 8, music at 9!

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Hi! I was wondering what songs are on your blog playlist (because they're REALLY good). Thanks!

omg..thank you!

shelby merry - the scorch // yael naim - toxic // dead man’s bones - werewolf heart // purity ring - obedear // hozier - take me to church // hurts - mercy // ben cocks - so cold // the xx - intro // prvrln - я продал душу // prickly.ss - in a smoke-filled room // iamx - this will make you love again // hozier – arsonist’s lullabye