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Name: Kera

Nickname: bookworm

Birthday: Feb 20

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 5′7

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: straight demisexual

Favorite color: Blue

Time and date: 5:38 26.05.15

Average hours of sleep: 7/8 hours

Lucky Number: ?

Last thing i googled: I don’t really remmeber

One thing that makes me happy: Music

How many blankets do I sleep under: 2 or 3

Favorite fictional character: The Tenth Doctor

Favorite famous person: Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant, Chris Evans, Collin O’Donnohue

Favorite book: Don’t ask. I’ve read too many books in my lifetime but I thoroughly enjoyed The Rangers Apprentice series by John Flanagan

Favorite shows: Doctor Who, Code Geass, Broadchurch, One Piece, Steven Universe, Once Upon A Time.

Favorite musician/band: My Chemical Romance, Ozzy Ozborne, Evanescence, John Barrowman [yes he bloody sings and it’s fucking amazing okay :D], Seether, etc.

Favorite movie I’ve seen at the cinema: Kingsman. Or Big Hero Six.

Dream Holiday: London or Japan

Dream Job: Writer/Actress for Doctor Who [hire me please?]

Last book I read: Eragon

First things that come to mind: Chocolate

Celebrity crush: Tom Hiddleston, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Barrowman, Collin O’Donnohue, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt

Last movie I saw in the cinema: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Wearing right now: Jeans and a Periodic Table of Marvel t-shirt

Who I tag: sailstherealms and heonlysaidoneword-run feel free to ignore if you already got this.

And if you feel like doing this if you see it on your dash go right ahead :D