the episode “Hashtag” is a gigantic nod to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series and why is tumblr not filled with joy?
some of the people in this case include: are Tara Harris, Alexander Chase, Dawn Rosenberg, Charles Lorne, Riley Summers, Joyce Giles, Daniel Ozborne, Connor Holt.. And some of the kids went to Sunnydale High. Oh and the bad guy is William Pratt.

I cannot. I love these two shows and here is a small but lovely convergence (not to mention the fact that Nicholas Brandon is on the show of course. why is he not in this episode it would have been even more fabulous).

The Cube Guys Get Us ‘Jumping’

At first, they were Burning, now they’re Jumping as Italian duo The Cube Guys (pictured) team up with Canadian producer Etienne Ozborne and Spanish newcomer Sp1der for a pan-global collaboration that is bound to get your feet moving.

Jumping is all about that funky bassline which, when combined with a surprisingly big build and drop for a house track, makes for something of a club anthem. It’s also good to see that, despite a total of four people having a hand in the track, it remains uncluttered and isn’t over-produced–Jumping is a simple-yet-sonically pleasing bit of funky house designed to make you move.

Jumping is out now on The Cube Guy’s own Cube Recordings as a Beatport exclusive.

Black White Pillow cover 18x18 you pick zigzag chevron damask ozborne traditions stripe canopy zebra throw cushion sham Premier Prints

Black White Pillow cover 18x18 you pick zigzag chevron damask ozborne traditions stripe canopy zebra throw cushion sham Premier Prints ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more zig zag beddings)



2. Tradeplayer-Streetplayer sample: Pepper Mashay ” Dive In The Pool” / Sample2: Nicky Romero-Feel Alive
3. Kim English vs. Ruffneck - Every day Be Somebody (Hector Fonseca vs Tradelove Beach Mix)
4. Dick Ray vs Inaya Day - Movin Up Higher (Hector Fonseca Beach Mix)
5. Etienne Ozborne vs Ultra Nate vs Diana Ross - Coming Up Free Sotto (Hector Fonseca Beach Mix)
6. Chris Daniel - Baby When You’re Gone (sample: Madison Ave. “Don’t Call Me Baby”/ sample 2: I Don’t want You)
7. Calvin Harris vs. Taito Tikaro & Flavio Zarza feat. Example - Well Be Coming Back (Tommy Love Mash! Old School Mix)
9. Dick Ray - Promises (sample: LMFAO-” I work out” sample: Denzel “Pump it up”)
10. Adele vs Eurythmics - Rolling In The Tic Tuc Dreams (Billy Lace Bootleg)
11. Alexis Jordan - Happiness (Jeff Valle Remix)
12. Rihanna - Diamonds (Enry Senna Mix) (sample: Zedd “Clarity”)
13. Swedish House Mafia vs. John De Mark - Don’t You Worry Child (Tommy Love MASH! Salsa Remix) (sample: Kim English “Jumpin Bumpin”/ sample2: Icona Pop “I Love It”)
14. David Guetta Feat. Taped Rai - Just One Last Time (AlL’8 Dirty Dutch RMX)
15. Carmen Electra - Like It Loud (Hector Fonseca Club Mix)
16. Fragma - Toca’s Miracle (Plastik Funk Remix)

Three glorious days and nights of hot fun on The Jersey Shore. Come party and play July 19-22, 2013. Tix & info:



skintrecords - We Are Skint Presents... House Of Virus


#WeAreSkint returns in 2015 with a special from overseas duo, House of Virus. The exciting pairing first made themselves noticeable to Skint with a collaboration with the Godfather of House music, Marshall Jefferson, with a 2 track EP “Lowdown / Give Me A Kick”. Not shy of their peers, they shortly followed up with a production ft. Detroit pioneer, Kevin Saunderson. This mix is a perfect showcase of the talent behind the alias.

DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1KJf6RN

01. House Of Virus & Eddie Amador feat. Dez (The Late Night mix) [Pacha Recordings]
02. House Of Virus feat. Paris Brightledge - Bitter Blues [CR2 Records]
03. Hoxton Whores vs D Unity- Move It Yimanya (Etienne Ozborne Mashup)
04. My Digital Enemy & Katherine Ellis - Live Again [Onelove]
05. House Of Virus & Dany Cohiba - Can U Dig it (Original Mix) [KMS Records]
06. Luca Debonaire - Played By My Rules [Zulu Records]
07. Shadow Child & Doorly - Climbin’ (Piano Weapon) (Nicky Night Time Remix) [Polydor Ltd.]
08. The Shapeshifters - Be Free (Original Mix) [Love Inc]
09. Matteo DiMarr feat. Leh-Lo Tony Rabalao - Stratosphere [Zulu Records]
10. Inner City - Pennies From Heaven (House Of Virus & Jay C remix) [KMS Records]
11. House Of Virus & Marshall Jefferson - 100% House Music [CR2 Records]
12. House Of Virus feat. Kevin Saunderson & Tomas Dobrovolskis - Voodoo (original) [Skint Records]

from Cloud Flipper - lucatarik

I really hope that if I ever join a dnd group where no-one is familiar with me, I just get to drop like, belind or ozborn or asref on them and be The Odd One for the entire game
bc let’s be serious, my dnd characters are great bc they’re either all contradictory or they’re all just really weird and contradictory