Apparently these survivors know exactly why the plane crashed. The autothrottle system “failed.” I doubt they even know how the 777’s a/t system operates. Because not even I do.

Really, though? They have the gall to sue Boeing, who designed a giant tube of metal that slammed tail first into a break wall, spun around on the runway, caught fire.. and caused three deaths and few severe injuries?

Do you sue your car company when you crash? No! Instead you either sue the person who DROVE the car into you. Or YOU file a claim against YOURSELF. Same thing here.

I’d be sending cards and flowers to Boeing engineers if I was in that crash because they managed to make something that when flown into a wall at 140mph not everybody dies.

They punctured an emergency chute that inflated inside the damaged plane and trapped people beneath. They doused fires while guiding — and sometimes carrying — passengers through smoke to exits and away from the wreckage. With their brisk, measured actions, flight attendants aboard the Asiana Airlines jet that crash landed over the weekend became the talk of American flight crews Monday.

That the South Korean crew coolly carried out those valiant tasks while wearing pencil skirts, high-heeled pumps, buttoned blazers and scarves equally impressed high-ranking members of two U.S. flight crew unions.


Very detailed animated reconstruction of the Asiana 214 crash.

Apparently some 12-year old thought it would be hilarious to send the “flight crew’s” names into KTVU. The report read these off without first checking/confirming with the NTSB. Source.

Really? People are that shitty?!

Asiana plans to sue a California television station that mistakenly aired fake, racially offensive names for the pilots of the flight that crashed last week in San Francisco, the airline announced Monday.

The Korean carrier said it had selected a U.S. law firm and will soon file a petition with the courts on the grounds of defamation.

Federal accident investigators say two flight attendants working in the back of the Asiana Airlines jet that crash landed in San Francisco were ejected from the back of the plane after impact and survived. National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Deborah Hersman said Tuesday the attendants were found on the runway. 

The FAA in 2011 had “strongly encouraged” Boeing to make changes to the 787 flight management computer system to provide autothrottle “wake up” capabi…

Again, fascinating stuff on the Boeing widebody autothrust system. I’m all for the new warning system although I Still cant wrap my head around the fact that a 777 crew (Asiana 214), check captain on board would fly a visual approach in FLCH mode, seems really bizzare. Plane is going to keep the throttles at idle in HOLD mode until you reach or start reaching your selected altitude (which in this case would’ve been 0 or pretty low, say 200 or 300ft), all the time relying on pitch to keep the speed up. Flying an approach, your rate of descent in the approach is likely to stay in the  -400ft/min - 900ft/min range which just isn’t enough to maintain your selected speed. You would need to add thrust at some point during the approach which begs the obvious and already asked question, why was no one watching the airspeed? Why wasn’t the PF’s hand on the throttles, this wasn’t an Airbus, throttle position would’ve directly corresponded to what the plane was actually doing and would’ve told him the engines were at idle. Seems really really strange but then again..I’m no airline pilot (yet). Easy to judge after the fact.