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[fancam] f(x) Luna at ‘On Your Command, Sir!’ recording 110503

OMG, Luna’s fanboys! They said 'Luna is so pretty!' 'Luna is the best!' 
My gosh, all those boys surrounding her! 


No me hables
No me mires
No vengas
No bla

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[FULL EP] National Heroes/ On Your Command, Sir! EP 20
With f(x) Luna and Sulli.

Thanks to Ranter!anon for the tip!

OYC closes early tonight to go downtown to the Luxe ballroom on 1st ave and Monroe. We’ll close at 5:30 and will be downtown until 9:00. Plan to be picked up, or head home from the Luxe. We won’t be going back to OYC after.

Inactivity Lately

Hello amazing followers!

I know you’re probably all sick and tired of hearing me tell you how inactive I’ve been and busy, etc but I guess that’s just the reality of my life. I realized I have definitely been lazy though and I regret it greatly. I should say that the reason I started this blog years ago is because I wanted to help promote a more christian-based dashboard to everyone’s tumblr! I thought music could unite people in every way so I wanted to do it through music. I’m not the best at music but I can definitely suggest some artists if you tell me what kind of music you like to listen to or even tell me some mainstream songs/artists you like. I try to do a lot of different kinds of artists on here but it’s usually based on songs I’ve listened to or just found out. With that said, I would LOVE to hear about some songs that you guys like to listen to (please reply or send in some requests!) I will love to hear about new music.

Alright, to my main point, because of my reasoning for starting this blog, I decided to try and be more active. I’m putting the images based on the requests I got in the past week or so in my queue so please don’t think I ignored you! I get pretty busy in the middle of the week but I definitely have time on weekends so I’m going to make a lot more posts and keep my queue active. To make sure this blog is active, I really need tons of requests or suggestions or simply just mentioning to me your favorite song. Please inbox me and I will LOVE to reply and read through them. The more the merrier! God bless you guys!


So… what are some songs you guys like to listen to?