This is the busiest month of my life because I only have 2 weeks left in college and I’m preparing for 3 final papers and 3 presentations. Updating this blog is the only escape I can get for now lol. Which also explains today’s very boring outfit. A casual button down shirt, jeans and slouchy boots. Accompanied my dog Maximillian this morning for his first endorsement! They got him to model for a local grooming shop here in Manila! Siya na!

What I’m wearing: denim button down (Topman), custom-made jeans (Get Wear), accessories (SM Accessories), watch (Oxygen Paris), nato strap (Asprey), boots (Forever 21 Men). Hype this on lookbook here.

Denim button down from Topman.

Bracelets from SM Accessories. iPad leather envelope case from iNako.

Watch from Oxygen Paris. It’s a new French brand with over 30 watches in different designs and sizes (34mm to 44)–the one I’m wearing is 44mm. You can also interchange the straps–they have more than 40 nato straps! Retail price Php4,450-Php11,250. Available in Rustans Shangri-la and Time Depot. 

Lowrider rasta headphones from Skullcandy.

Maximillian sound tripping as well! And check out his denim collar! lol

Photos by Hezron Peralta

I’m lucky enough to live in the tropics, it just takes a 1-2 hour drive from the city and you can get some quiet time at the beach! This time I flew to Palawan for the weekend, it was definitely a fun trip! Wore to the airport (but with a button down) then went straight to the beach! Got my beach playlist ready and I was in paradise!

What I’m wearing: tank top (Topman), shorts (Billabong), bag (SM Accessories), accessories (SM Accessories), uprock headphones (Skullcandy), watch (Oxygen Paris), cap (Brixton) shoes (Native). Hype this on lookbook here.

Tank top from Topman. Bracelets (3 pieces) from SM Accessories

Coconut-print cap from Brixton.

Diver’s watch from Oxygen Paris

Miller beach shoes from Native

Heck yes. I’m back to wearing sweatpants. Wore this to a meeting and an event a few weeks back. The colors I’m wearing are pretty dull/dark so I opted to wear these mirrored sunnies from Von Zipper. I used to think these type of sunglasses are just used for outdoor sports. I’m glad they released new designs that are more suited for everyday wear. Still sporty but stylish as well–definitely made this look more interesting! What do you guys think? 

What I’m wearing: jacket (H&M), grey sweatshirt (Uniqlo), sweatpants (Topman), watch (Oxygen Paris), mirrored sunnies (Von Zipper), boots (Caterpillar). Hype this on lookbook.nu here.

Jacket from H&M | Sweatshirt from Uniqlo | This jacket is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now. It’s a fusion of two of my favorite styles–leather and cargo! 

Mirrored sunglasses from Von Zipper | These couldn’t have come in a more perfect time! I’ve been looking for mirrored sunnies for summer–and they’re pretty affordable compared to other high end brands! It really brings the whole look alive. Available in LS Pascual Rockwell, LS Pascual Shangri-La, SPEX Greenbelt, SPEX BGC, Sarabia Greenbelt, and Sarabia ATC. 

Watch from Oxygen Paris | Nato strap from Asprey | Nato straps (300 bucks) are the best because you can wear the same watch for the whole week and just change the strap to a different color or print!  

Photos by Hezron Peralta

Belt bag, fanny pack, belly bag, bum bag, call it whatever you want–they’re not considered stylish to most people. Before, when I would see someone wearing a belt bag, I would think they’re tourists or tinderas lol. 

I went to a theme park with a couple of friends–and since bringing a backpack is such a hassle, I brought my belt bag! I wouldn’t mind using one especially if it looks like this! Belt bags such as this one are fully functional & fashionable as well. Plus, they’re more theme-park friendly!

What I’m wearing: tank top (Forever 21 Men), jeans (Levi’s), belt bag (SM Accessories), watch (Oxygen Paris), bracelets (SM Accessories), printed socks (Topman), sneakers (Sperry). Hype this on lookbook here.

Belt bag from SM Accessories 

Watch from Oxygen Paris | Nato strap from Asprey | Make sure you wear a water-resistant watch when you go to a theme park!  

Brought my handy Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS with me! It’s fun, lightweight and the quality’s superb! This awesome camera retails for only php18,498! 

Photos by Hezron Peralta