Away-bati, gulo dito, gulo doon… Magkalayo man kami.. We still managed ourselves to faithfully love each other.Final word tonight: it’s not our similarities that will make our relationship stronger but instead our opposite strengths will make this worth fighting for.. Thank you this unexpected surprise.. Simple but well appreciated #loveyoubabyko #ilovemyonlyone #iloveyou #love #baby #oxyen #gift #instagift #finalwordtonight #tonight #night (at Lopez Residence :))

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Dec 7th 2012

Dear, Readers.

So, apparently I’ve been neglecting the script of a daily writer for you without any intentions to lead you astray. But, I’m here now to spit some fire and open your minds to what’s really been going on this year, now that it’s almost a wrap up session.

First, and foremost, I would like to thank my “FATHER” in heaven for the opportunity to live and to witness this beautiful day and the opportunity to chill with some awesome people. Just shows when you pray, there’s no stopping your request being answered. Life journey it continues even when our minds take an hiatus. Knowing, not. What’s going to happen next, it’s always a surprise for us all.

Being ahead of your time truly can become confusing to the masses, those who see yet they still don’t understand the situation at hand. LIFE, that word we always convert back to. But, now it’s Christmas time, and I want my gifts ;) … Well, I’ve been able to use my gifts all this year; still not done got more for the years to come… and now to receive more GIFTS!! WOW!! L0l… Yet, some people only wait until a holiday as such, to have gatherings or I supposed it’s the only time of the year for such an event. Hmmm… Idk;; and let’s not forget about SWEET BABY JESUS.. So, as the holiday Christmas season approaches rapidly fast, let’s remember the main reason of it all, giving with a grate-ful heart and embracing clarity and love…

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!.…- The Blogger.

mjjsociety asked:

Why are you going to hospital?? :(

I had really bad pains in my legs and back and it turned out that I had infarctions in them. Basically some of the tissue there died of a lack of oxyen because the blood cells in my veins got stuck. It’s a long and complicated story lol but ANYWAY, I’m just I’m back home.