On the 3rd Anniversary of OWS, What Will You Do?

On the 3rd Anniversary of OWS, What Will You Do?

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Hey wild ones,

Next Wednesday, on the third anniversary of OccupyWallStreet, most of us will not march in the streets, or sleep en masse in parks. This time, millions of us around the world will keep the revolutionary fires burning with personal and collective acts of love and defiance.

Athens, London, Barcelona, Tahrir, Zucotti, Gezi and Rio were our training grounds, inspiring and igniting within us the will to divine a new world. To dream a new dream. Now, three years on from Occupy, we’re ready for the next step: the seamless, total globalization of our movement.

It’s time to start forging networks, building alliances and learning how to buzz together strategically to pull off coordinated global actions, stage mega-corporate boycotts and launch trickster memes, culture jams and happenings of all kinds. In the process we’ll spiritually unify all our national movements into a single global force and our battle tactic will become one of subtlety and subversion, hover and sting, actively waiting for our revolutionary moment to come.

Maybe it will come on the anniversary of the movement, on April Fool’s Day, or in the heady days of riot after the next financial bubble bursts. Maybe our revolutionary moment of truth will come after the release of the next International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report when it suddenly dawns on everyone that the G7 leaders, operating within their corpo-capitalist algorithm, are systematically incapable of dealing with the warming of our planet and the slide of our species into the sludge of history.

Whenever the critical moment comes, one thing is for sure. The roar will be deafening. Swarms of fired up blackspot revolutionaries will swoop down and occupy all the stock exchanges, corporate HQs, government offices and power centers of global capitalism. With growing intensity, a slowly building, unstoppable carnival of delight will take hold of the world and render the cost of doing business as usual impossible to bear.

For the wild,
The Adbusters Team

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Free Art Friday

Heads up! Tomorrow is FREE ART FRIDAY! And since this month marks the 3rd anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, I will be leaving this metal print of a photo from the OWS 1 Year Anniversary Protest somewhere in NYC. If you’re on Instagram, follow me for a location hint and follow these tags #FAFNYC and #FAFNY to find other participating artists.

Stay tuned and tell friends!

More photos from past Free Art Fridays.

anonymous said:

*pouts quietly* Well then you owe me anniversary sex, and coming home sex. *kisses you gently and finishes packing*-Niall

*laighs quietly and nods, getting up to finish my bag* Of course.

oh, nostalgia

today instead of feeling like a butthole about love or whatever I let myself think about all the times I’ve fell in love with cities… lately I’ve been wondering whether a romantic partner could even bring me all the range of emotions and experiences I had in that short amount of time wherever I was

bunny chow, beach parties and sit-ins in Durban. new friends and some massive-ass beer dispenser in Ottawa. too many fucking days at the White House. Wall Street for the one-year anniversary of OWS - fuck, the whole city for my 25th. ditching Doha’s “first environmental march” (it was on a closed, isolated road with essentially no one to see us; it was a joke) to wander back along al corniche alone… the bay was so peaceful. I can’t imagine how any one person could make me feel that… full for, theoretically, ever… wouldn’t that be kind of exhausting? idk… it was a kind of high I could never replace nor replicate.

I miss my old life but I think enough time has passed/shit has happened that I feel a little more able to look back on it fondly and remember all the good people I met and the experiences we had… *that* was real. like fuck the bureaucracy/politics of it all, but it was the closest thing I could probably describe as love… it’s certainly the first thing that really makes that “better to have loved and lost” saying ring true for me, so… I think it was the combination of good people and the idea that we were doing something that mattered - together we were actually changing the world somehow. that was what I fell in love with; the traveling and adventure was probably a massive part of it too. well I fell out of that shit hard last fall/winter but I guess a lot of them are still in it so idk I miss them but I’m trying to be more realistic in recognizing that their lives have to go on, as does mine…? idk that’s all I got for now
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10 Arrests in 87 Minutes: The Anatomy of the NYPD’s Protest Dispersal Process

Do you homework; Fight strong 

"The spectacle of the arrest is a tactical display of force"

Yesterday was the official anniversary of OWS this article says protesters were dragged off the sidewalk into the street then arrested and reporters and photo journalist were arrested as well. Up to 50 protestors are still incarcerated today. My thoughts are with them and my sincerest thank you to them and everyone at the financial district that day showing Occupy and the ideas behind the movement are still very much alive.

OWS and the Art of Possible

Once upon a time, I was a girl who believed that the only way to make the biggest change in the world was to go to college, major in social work or some variation, get a degree, get a job, and THEN begin working my path.

Despite my good intentions and diligence, it never worked out that way for me. Life threw me a bunch of banana peels; instead of walking forward and steady on my path like a soldier, I undulated back and forth and sideways like a dancer.

It wasn’t until Occupy Wall Street that I discovered that to make real, effective change in your community and in the world — you simply have to walk your talk. You do not need a career or a degree to do so. You make it an artful, meaningful, part of your life. You join advocacy groups, grassroots political movements, volunteer, write op-eds, create flyers and blogs, have discussions with your friends and family, educate. Yes the work is unpaid, but it sure feels good to be part of a collective conversation and to put your beliefs into real, physical and meaningful action.  

Advocating for things that you believe in takes gusto and the people in the streets protesting deserve a lot of credit for putting their physical bodies on the line like that. As a single mother, I have to consider the risks involved with protesting. Instead, I’ve turned to writing, joining advocacy groups, working within the Texas Green Party (a platform which, I believe, forms the essence of OWS political action) and volunteering my skills as a photographer and artist. I hope to go deeper, I hope to go international, I hope to open schools. That last goal is important — it’s the point where my twisting, turning career path intersects with my political and social ideals.

At the end of the day, I can look my daughter in the face knowing that I am doing what I can to fight for HER generation and her FUTURE, her WORLD. There is a well-known quote among progressives - "Politics is the art of the possible." We are here to make our ideals possible, to make a new world possible.