Been busier than I have ever been, resulting in me getting to the lab less frequently. Eating has remained on point tho. Bout to get a MASSIVE GUNπŸ’ͺ session in. AND, I’m finally gonna get back to my ab training today. It’s been forever but it’s time to get em back. Bout to get it in! πŸ’ͺ😈 #ownyour24 #lifestyle_heart #bodybuilding (at Gold’s Gym)

Mentally, Physically, Spiritually. Be complete. Bout to hit the lab for a SICK Back day. High reps have been doin wonders for me. Results are showing and on top of that I’ve cleaned up my eating while adding more veggies and reducing sodium intake. Gettin nice. I don’t wait til summer to get my sh*t tight. The goal is to walk around “show ready”. Much props to @mikerashid for the motivation too! I am #SoAlpha and an #IronAddict. #ownyour24 #lifestyle_heart #bodybuilding