MICA Watches ~ The Deck

My style is dictated by details. Watches, pocket squares, shoelaces, and interesting pops of color. This beautiful watch by Mica not only has a killer color, but its actually made from wood. While everyone is changing up their Timex straps for spring colors I will be rocking a wooden band.

Mica Watches was created by a bunch of friends in Arizona in 2005. Since then they have been trying to figure out how to manufacture, market, and sell the perfect wooden watch. In 2012 they created a proprietary wood treatment process that was dubbed SolidCore (TM). This treatment dimensionally stabilizes the wood and prevents humidity or temperature from effecting the wood, it also gives it its own built in finish so that it’s resistant to the elements. So you can wear it in the rain and it doesn’t get ruined.  

Wood products.  They are going to be huge this year.  Now to find some awesome wooden sunglasses,

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Vagabond Lifestyle

Sunglasses: Persol/Blazer: Uniqlo/ Shirt: c/o Buffalo David Bitton/ Sweater: Uniqlo/ Jeans: 7 for all Mankind/ Shoes: c/o ASOS/ Bag: Fred Perry/ Watch: Casio

So long DC, hello New York. Next stop is San Francisco now that I am finally free of finals and am officially a senior. Treating myself to a weekend with my best friend from high school was a no brainer! In preparation for travelling (yet again), here is an outfit that allows easy airport access. While still remembering outerwear, an essential piece to any guys outfit that doesn’t agree sweat pants should be worn anywhere besides the bedroom (unless they’re “fashion sweats”). Otherwise a blazer should be included in your jet setting attire. To follow along in San Fran, join me on Instagram.

photographer: Ryan

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Persol - Sunglasses (Used) / Own This ~ $130.00


Rocksmith ~ NY Wu Snapback

Wu-Tang Brand Limited paired with Rocksmith strike’s again with another collection of solid Summer 2013 Headwear. The collection has a number of fun sports team themed inspirations and fine detail.

These hats are now available, and are in limited supply! So if you’re a true Wu-Tang fan grab them while you can!

Wu Tang Clan aint nothin to f*ck wit!

Own This - $30

NiftyThrifty - Hawaiian Pink / Own This ~ $45.00 

We went for an afternoon stroll in Williamsburg with Isabel and she captured Jason in the best way possible.  Look at this guy.  The shirt is vintage and from nifty thrifty… but the jorts are all his.  Homemade jorts.  That’s how jason rolls.

How would you wear the shirt? You can buy it right here on this blog with ownThis