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Right, she thought, still not daring to open her eyes just yet, a good few seconds after she’d awoken. Air is breathable, feels like solid ground underneath, it’s been thirty seconds since you woke up, and you’re not dead yet. No injuries, no dirt on her face, no blood, no nothing. Just solid ground behind her back, under her palms, beneath her head. Well, beats waking up in icy waters, at least.
Too curious to bear it, she sat up gingerly, and wiped the sleep from her eyes, before finally opening them and downright staring at the person standing before her.
Oh,” was all she could manage at first. Bollocks, she’d teleported in front of someone. How do you explain appearing out of thin air? Not very easily, that’s how. “Uh, is this, sorry, do I know you? You’re looking at me a bit funny.”
Yes, you twat, that’s because you just appeared out of thin air in front of them.